What is the best song to use for the Tush Push Line Dance?

I asked for song recommendations… …and the results are in!

Among line dancers, there is one dance that reigns supreme: The Tush Push. This dance has been around since the very earliest days of the period where “line dances” became formally recognized as a separate and distinct dance genre.

Learning the Tush Push is a rite of passage for new line dancers. Having learned it, you are no longer a person who does a line dance on occasion at parties or weddings, you have become a “line dancer.” :-)

Because the Tush Push has been around for, literally, decades, and because of the way the dance is structured, the dance can be danced to hundreds, if not thousands of songs.

Below you will see some fun polls, some cool photos, a bit-o-drama, and a list some music to which the Tush Push can be danced. VOTE for your favorite and if you don’t see your favorite, don’t be shy, let me know about it and…

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Eight time Country Dance World Champion. I love to dance. Working hard to transform myself from "unemployed and out-of-shape" to "in-shape full time professional writer, graphic artist, and dance instructor.

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