We’re not talkin’ “Daddy Warbucks” yet, but… One can hope, and you can help! –> My Songs and Books From the Rachel Maddow Show is a Chart Rocket!

Books and Music from the Rachel Maddow ShowMy New Article Books and Songs from the Rachel Maddow Show is a “Chart Rocket”!!!!

Ok, folks, something really cool is going on — I have a chance at a real, honest to goodness, money-making article!  Woot!  Yeeeeeeeee haaawwwwwwww!!!!!!

Those who have followed my posts here know that a little over a year ago I lost my job as a librarian.  Since that time I have been trying to switch from “unemployed” to “self-employed” and one of the ways I’ve been doing that is to write online articles over at Squidoo.

They say in the “writing business” that you should write what you are passionate about.  For me that mainly means dance, which unfortunately is NOT just a huge “money making” topic for writing.

BUT…  I do like books as well.  And, I do like the Rachel Maddow Show. And I noticed something interesting the other day when I looked at the “Top 100” lenses at Squidoo….  TWO of the Top 15 “lenses” which is what Squidoo calls “articles” are about BOOKS!  Now there is something that I can write about which I also can be passionate about.

I was a librarian after all.  🙂

So, I created a new lens:  Books and Songs from the “Rachel Maddow Show” (Current Season) and I published it on Friday the 12th in the wee hours of the morning.  Since that time here is how it has ranked:

Created it on the 12th
Overall Rank:  263,525  (on 13th)
Overall Rank:  33,113 (on 14th)
Overall Rank: 23,133 (on 15th)
Overall Rank: 18,493 (on 16th)
Overall Rank: 16,294 (on 17th)

#502 in “Books, Poetry & Writing” and #62 in “Books >> Reading Lists” (on 15th)
#410 in “Books, Poetry & Writing” and #55 in “Books >> Reading Lists” (on 16th)
#359 in “Books, Poetry & Writing” and #48 in “Books >> Reading Lists” (on 17th)

This is an unbelievable rise in ranking!  Is this just too cool or what?   Of course I would love to keep it going AND to see it increase!

Puzzled Confused Puppy (CC)Squidoo pays out greater percentages based on Tiers.  The holy grail is Tier 1 which for the top 2,000 “overall” lenses/articles.  And, if by some miracle, your article lands in the Top 100 or dare I hope… the Top 25 lenses then you make some serious money.  We’re talking about actually enough to live on kind of money.

I’ve got a shot with this particular lens to actually make a start on making a living by writing.  Which is why I am making such a bald-faced no-holds-barred appeal.

(insert image of pitiful puppy dog look)  better yet, look to your right.

How can you say “no” to that face?  Hmmmm????

So this is where I need your help…

…and it won’t cost you a single penny, only a few seconds,

maybe a few minutes at the very most, of your time.

Upward pointing graphI need to get the word out.  Part of lens rank is determined by three things

(1) how many people visit the page

(2) how many use the “social media” buttons to share the page with their friends

(3) how many people “participate” in the lens/article by taking part the polls, quizes, or leaving a comment

So, not to put too fine a point on it, I’m asking all of you to go to the lens/article.  Even if you do nothing else but go to the page, let it load then move on to somewhere else on the Internet, that will help me out!!!!

THEN… IF you feel motivated to do so,

Click the “share” and “Like” buttons up at the top of the page.

There are “share/like” buttons for Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter, and Squidoo.

Click on any and all of the networks to which you belong.

The Squidoo like button is only for Squidoo members.

If you want to join Squidoo, it doesn’t cost anything and a Like from a Squidoo member, even a brand new one counts a LOT in the ranking. 

THEN… IF you feel REALLY motivated, kinda like the spirit of Christmas present or something…

You can take the fun quizzes, cool polls that are on the lenses and leave a COMMENT down at the bottom of the lens.

THEN… IF you are feeling REALLY REALLY motivated, in a “I want to be nominated for sainthood” kind of way…

You could actually buy one or two of the songs that are listed on the page or even a book,  But that really would be above and above the call.  But hey, if ya got some some spare bucks left over from your income tax return and you want to help a brother out… I ain’t gonna try and stop ya!!!

If nothing else, just go to the page, let it load and then hit your back button.  THAT would be awesomeness all by itself.

So there you have it.  You can help me out a lot by sharing word of this new article.  And the more people who look at it, the more it improves its rank on Google and the higher it is on Google, the more people look at it and well, I think you get the picture!

So, thank you in advance…!!!!!!   You can jump straight over to the Squidoo article from here!

Oh… you’d maybe like to know what the article is about first?   Ok, sure, no problem…

Books from the Excerpt from the article: Books and Songs from the Rachel Maddow Show

The Rachel Maddow Show airs on MSNBC (9pm Eastern Time) Monday-Friday. The show, hosted by Rachel Maddow, is a daily news and opinion television program…

… The show usually features one or two guests during the 60 minute program and sometimes those guests are authors. Usually the author is there to provide commentary on the topic of the day, or to be interviewed because they are the topic of the day. Therefore, any plug of the author’s writings are secondary to the author’s pundit or news role.

Given that focus, it is understandable that there is no easy or concise way to find a list of the books mentioned or featured on the show. Trust me, I looked. I’m a librarian and I’m pretty good at finding information on the Internet, if it exists.

There just isn’t a list like that our there. Until now. So, here for your enjoyment are a list of the Rachel Maddow Show Guests who are authors and their books…

…if you watch the show regularly you’ll hear a song played as the show goes to commercial or during the credits roll at the end. The name of the song, if one is going to be used in that night’s show is released on the MaddowBlog. However, just as with the books, there is no single concise list of all the soundtracks.

Fear not, my fellow Maddow fans, I’m including them down below along with the books. [ Read the Rest of the Article ]

Thank you again!!!!

See you on the dance floor!


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