2014.09.06 — My first “Milestone Video”

My progress so far: July 26 – Sept 6th

Milestones Reached:

  • First 5 lbs lost!  Yay!
  • First 1% body fat lost!  Yay!

Basically what I’ve done is set some “milestones / reward points” and when I reach one of them I’ll do another of these videos adding all the daily progress photos to the video and doing a different intro.

I hope you enjoy the video!  See ya on the dance floor!

Chart showing the two Milestones Reached:

Milestones #1 & #2


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  1. Excellent idea! Nice to see you in person Tony. I love the captions as you’re talking. Had a few chuckles. Very well done. Looking forward to your next milestone.


    • I think I should give up on ever doing something “short and simple.” There is no “short and simple” when it comes to me.

      The original plan was just to do animate the side by side photos. But that fell by the wayside when I realized I only had about a dozen of them. I didn’t start taking the daily shots until about two weeks into the “program”

      Which brings me to ANOTHER idea for a blog post… “what do I call what is going on right now.” It isn’t a “program” … it is….??? Hmmmm…

      Gotta write that down as an idea….
      Thanks again for all your support.


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