My apologies to my followers… …Maxima Mea Culpa!

Twice  < scratch that…  *sigh*

Not once, not twice, but THREE times over the past few days I’ve clicked on the wrong button and sent out drafts that were not ready to be published.

My most sincere apologies for cluttering your in-boxes.  I do wish WordPress had a way to retract those posts.  *SIGH*

Of course, in both cases *sigh* all THREE cases, I realized my mistake as soon as I clicked the BIG HUGE HONKIN’ BLUE button!  The button which clearly says “Publish”  Not “Save as draft” *sigh*

Note to self — look at the online help pages to see if there is a setting that I can change that makes me click “PUBLISH” twice before it is actually shipped out to all of you.

UPDATE: I’m still looking.  Haven’t found it yet, but I’m looking.  When I find it I will share the info.

Again, my apologies. I’m still new at this whole blogging thing.  <insert image of me begging and grovelling and pleading for forgiveness>

See ya on the dance floor!
(I’ll be easy to spot.  I’m the one with the red face!)


About TxCowboyDancer

Professional Dance Instructor teaching Country, Ballroom, Swing, Latin and Line Dance. Eleven time Country Dance World Champion.

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