SLOW SONGS for the Tush Push Line Dance

SLOW SONGS for the Tush Push Line Dance

Welcome to my list of Slow Songs for the Tush Push line dance. Hopefully, you, my dear readers, will help me make this list grow by sharing your suggestions.

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If “slow” isn’t your cup of tea and you want some faster Tush Push Songs, check out What is the Best FAST SONG to use for the Tush Push Line Dance?

My Favorite SLOW Song
for the Tush Push Line Dance

Yes, I know, everyone has their own “best” Tush Push song, but here is my personal favorite “Tush Push Slow Song.”

I learned how to Tush Push to this song. It was the first song I ever did the Tush Push to, and it is still my favorite. Especially when there are some yummy cowboys out there on the floor…. oh my! Uhmmm, where was I? I seem to have lost my train of thought… 😉

Ronnie Milsap Heart and soul
Song: Earthquake / by Ronnie Milsap (125 BPM)

from the Album: Heart and Soul


All the songs mentioned in this post,
Arranged by BPM

DJ Andi Mik

Image used by permission from “DJ Andi Mik

Here are the songs.

Each song is also a “link” which will take you to Amazon where you can preview a snippet of the song for free.

And if you like the song a lot, you can, if you wish, buy the song and download it for your music collection.

And full disclosure, if you do buy a song from Amazon by using one of these links I get between 4-7 cents. Wow! Oh my! Whatever will I do with my new found wealth!?! LOL

I only get the referral IF you actually buy the song from Amazon, not when you preview it! So have fun and preview as many as you like. You will not be charged to preview.

Each link, (unless you have your browser set to over ride my coding) will open up into a new tab or window. This list will remain here and you can return to it any time to “preview” the next song.

Or buy? Please buy…I is a poor boy!

Plleeeeaaaazzzzz [insert pitiful look] 🙂

110-119 BPM

Kiss This - Arron TippinKiss This
by Aaron Tippin (116 BPM)

120 – 129 BPM

I Feel LuckyMary Chapin Carpenter - I feel lucky
by Mary Chapin Carpenter (120 BPM)

Billy Ray Cyrus - Achy Breaky HeartAchy Breaky Heart
by Billy Ray Cyrus
(121 BPM)

She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy by Kenny ChesneyShe Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy
by Kenny Chesney (122 BPM)

Ronnie Milsap - EarthquakeEarthquake
by Ronnie Milsap
(125 BPM)

Fast As You Dwight YoakamFast As You
by Dwight Yoakam (126 BPM)

Just A Gigolo - I Ain't Got Nobody by David Lee RothJust A Gigolo / I Ain’t Got Nobody
by David Lee Roth (126 BPM)

Hurts So Good by John MellencampHurts So Good
by John Mellencamp (126 BPM)

Pink Cadillac by Natalie ColePink Cadillac
by Natalie Cole (126 BPM)

Up! by Shania TwainUp!
by Shania Twain (126 BPM)

Freeway of Love by Aretha FranklinFreeway of Love
by Aretha Franklin (127 BPM)

Long White Cadillac by Dwight YoakamLong White Cadillac
by Dwight Yoakam (127 BPM)

How Do I Live (Dance Radio Edit) by Leann Rimes [Mr. Mig Remix]How Do I Live (Dance Radio Edit)
by Leann Rimes [Mr. Mig Remix] (128 BPM)

Down on the Farm by Tim McGrawDown on the Farm
by Tim McGraw (129 BPM)

Tracy Byrd - I'm from the countryI’m From The Country
by Tracy Byrd
(129 BPM)

130 – 139 BPM

I Wanna Get To Ya by Billy GilmanI Wanna Get To Ya
by Billy Gilman (131 BPM)

Baby, I’m Burnin’Baby I'm burnin by Dolly Parton
by Dolly Parton (134 BPM)

No One Needs To Know by Shania TwainNo One Needs To Know
by Shania Twain (135 BPM)

Rodeo Rock - Jimmy CarsonRodeo Rock / by Jimmy Collins [album: CD single titled “Rodeo Rock”] (135 BPM)
NOTE: The preview is actually the music video for the song. The song is not available as a digital download as of 9-20-2015.
It is only available as a CD Single or on Vinyl on Amazon.

Life's a dance - John Michael MontgomeryLife’s a Dance
by John Michael Montgomery (135 BPM)

Tu Es Foutu -- In-GridTu Es Foutu
by In-Grid (135 BPM)

Mony Mony by Billy IdolMony Mony
by Billy Idol (136 BPM)

Alan Jackson - Never loved beforeNever Loved Before
by Alan Jackson with Martina McBride (138 BPM)

Videos of the Tush Push from Around the World — Danced to Slow Songs

Note: BPM = “Beats per Minute”

Tracy Byrd - I'm from the countryThe song in this video is:
I’m From The Country / Tracy Byrd (129 BPM)

Billy Ray Cyrus - Achy Breaky HeartThe song in this video is:
Achy Breaky Heart / Billy Ray Cyrus (121 BPM)

Ronnie Milsap - EarthquakeThe song in this video is:
Earthquake / by Ronnie Milsap (125 BPM)

Do you know how to Tush Push?

Getcher mind out of the gutter!

We’re talking about whether you know the line dance! Any other kind of Tush Pushin’ you can just keep to yourself, thank ye kindly.

This here is a family friendly blog post! LOL 😉


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See ya on the dance floor!




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