FAQ about Tony’s Line Dance Classes

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Where are you currently teaching Line Dance?

Right now I am teaching:

What line dances will you be teaching?

Tony-final editIn months which have four weeks, I will teach the best dances from the “Top Ten Lists” selected from:

…the World Linedance Newsletter,
LineDancer Magazine,
…and Copperknob.

That means you will be learning the latest, greatest, hottest, most awesome dances on the planet!

If you want to know the name of the dance I’ll be teaching in any particular week you can get an email directly into your inbox with links to the Stepsheet, Music for the dance, and a video/demo of the dance:

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Do you ever teach older “classic” line dances?

I am sooooo glad you asked! YES!!!! Absolutely YES! Woot!

Periodically, I have an “Oldie-but-Goodie Week” where I teach a classic line dance that has stood the test of time.

Let’s be frank. Line Dances are like fashion, they come and go. But some, just like a tuxedo, are timeless.

But if you just got started in line dancing, you face a problem! Where are you supposed to learn those cool classic dances that everyone else seems to know?

Well, friend, I gotcha covered!

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How difficult / what level are the line dances you teach?

The dances will range from Ultra-Beginner, romp through Beginner and  Improver, and occasionally include Low Intermediate dances.

But no worries! Anyone who can walk and hum along with a song, or walk and snap their fingers along with the music can handle my classes.

Why? Because not only do I show you the pattern, I teach you how to do the steps! Woot! Yay! Yippee!

Plus, if at anytime you encounter a step that is above your current skill level, I have alternate steps in my “bag-o-steps” that I can whip out to make any dance easier!

Have I mentioned that my class is all about FUN? Good! 🙂

For what age range are your classes?

All ages are welcome!

I have taught dancers from as young as seven to dancers well over seventy! Bring the whole family!

Young dancers are welcome if accompanied by a parent or guardian and they’ve mastered the social skills needed to take part in a group learning experience which includes adults.

Older dancers are welcome as well. If at any time you have difficulty with a particular step in a dance, no worries!!! I show you how to do the steps safely.

Do you ever “review” the dances you teach?

Absolutely.  A few minutes of each class is a “review” period where I go over recently taught dances.

What if I get stuck in traffic?

No worries!  As long as you’re there by 6:10 then you should be fine.

Remember that the first few minutes is either a “review” of the previous week’s dance.  OR I go over some technique for a specific step before we get into learning the new dance.

And, because we are learning a “repeating pattern”, we go over and over the first bit of the choreography that is taught at the top of the class.

Of course, I’d hope that you are courteous to your fellow students by being on time.  But hey life, and Dallas/Fort Worth traffic can make anyone run late once in a while.

Will you ever have an “Intermediate / Advanced” Line Dance Class?

I certainly hope so! Woot!

As of now, this class is still fairly new so I’m trying to offer dances that most folks can do.

If there is enough demand for an Intermediate/Advanced class then I will cheerfully add that class to the schedule.

However, if you’ve spotted an awesome “Int/Adv” dance on YouTube and want to learn it now…then you can book a private lesson with me.

UPDATE: starting in July 2017, I will begin offering an Intermediate Level Class on Saturdays at 3pm

So…what kind of folks come to your classes?

Gee do you have an hour or so for me to list them all?  LOL  🙂

The folks who come to my classes come from all walks of life.  Some are complete beginners.  Some have a little dance experience.  Some may have only taken lessons in night clubs.  The common denominator is a desire to have fun and to learn how to dance!

So…come one, come all, and bring a friend!  Woot!

Everyone is welcome!  Absolutely everyone!  All shapes, sizes, colors, genders, and orientations are welcome in my classes.

All you need is a desire to have a good time!

So who are you? What is your dance background?

me 544x544I love dance. I’ve been dancing since the disco era. Literally.

I have a Bachelor of Arts from the University of North Texas School of Radio, Theater, Film and Dance.

I’ve taught Line Dance for over ten years — at first for free and then eventually as a professional. I’ve competed in line dance in ACDA, UCWDC, IAGLCWDC and IGRA.

You may have even taken one of the many workshops I’ve taught at dance events over the years!

I am an eight-time UCWDC Country Dance World Champion — five of those World Champion titles are in Line Dance and three are in Couples. I’m a multi-time ACDA National Champion as well.

I have had the good fortune to have been coached by some of the best Line Dancers on the planet: Clive Stevens, Emily Bouchonville-Drinkall, Monique Rouleau, Bernadette Carmichael, Darren Paul, Brian Barakauskas, Jo Thompson Szymanski, Michele Burton & Michael Barr, Barry & Dari Anne Amato and Guyton Mundy.

I need extra help learning.  Do you offer private Line Dance Lessons?

Yes! Absolutely!

I have arrangements with several studios in the Dallas / Fort Worth area so we can easily find a location that is convenient for us to meet.

Use my Contact Form if you are interested in booking a private lesson.

I’m interested in competing in line dance.  Do you coach Line Dance Competitors?

Yes! Competing and coaching competitors is a passion of mine.

Not local? Not a problem. Thanks to the Internet, it is possible to do long-distance coaching. Or we can hook up at one of the Dance Events that I’ll attend this year.

Use my Contact Form if you are interested in coaching.

I’m not sure if I want to compete yet, but I’m curious…can you help?

Yes! Absolutely! I have a “Special Offer” that I make to anyone who is thinking about competing in Line Dance — 50% off my usual rates!

Read more about my special “Introduction to Line Dance Competition” lesson or use my Contact Form to book the lesson now.

Do you do teach line dance to groups at “parties” or “conventions” or as a “team building” exercise?

Yes, Yes, and Yes! feel free to contact me.

Do you teach “couples” or “partner” dancing?


If you are interested in learning how to partner dance, either Country Western, West Coast Swing, and/or Ballroom, then feel free to contact me.

Do you teach same-sex couples?

Absolutely YES!

I also compete in IAGLCWDC, International Association of Gay & Lesbian Country Western Dance Clubs, which is the governing body for Same-sex Country Western Dance Competitions.  And I am a member of NASSDA, The North American Same-Sex DanceSport Association.

If you are interested in learning how to partner dance, lead, follow, or both in any dance style: Country Western, West Coast Swing, and/or Ballroom, then feel free to contact me.

Still got questions?

If there is anything you want to know that I haven’t covered, then feel free to contact me.

See ya on the dance floor!

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