Beginning Line Dance Class

Learn to Line Dance! — “Tuesdays with Tony”

  • Line Dance Tuesdays with Tony in Fort Worth 4Every Tuesday at 6:00 pm
  • DanceMakers
    of Texas
    — 6201 Sunset Drive, Suite 630, Fort Worth, TX 76116 [Get Directions]
  • Dances taught are
    Ultra-Beginner, Beginner, and Improver levels.
  • New Line Dance taught each week – drawn from the newest hottest dances on the planet, along with reviews of old favorites.
  • Your instructor is [drum roll please] …Moí!Mr. Tony New! — But you can call me “Tony.” 🙂

    I am a five time UCWDC World Champion in Line Dance and three time UCWDC World Champion in Couples with over 20 years of competition and teaching experience.

    So…uhmmm…yeppers, I know what I’m doing!  Woot! 🙂

  • The first few minutes of class is always a “Technique” session where I  teach some of the common line dance steps, focusing on one or two that are in the dance that I will be teaching that night.

    So when that “new” and/or “kinda-sorta-difficult” step shows up, we can breeze right through it and continue learning the dance.

    This takes about 10 minutes, allowing folks who get caught in traffic or who are running a couple minutes late a chance to arrive in time for the teach of the new dance.

  • Periodically I have an “Oldie-but-Goodie Weekwhere I teach a popular classic line dance that has stood the test of time.

    One of the things that frustrated me when I was a student taking classes was that I’d go to an event and folks would know all these amazing dances that were “new” a long time ago.

    And I could not find a class anywhere to learn them!  So I pledged that as an instructor I would teach a mix of new and old dances!

  • Pay at the door or call ahead to Register: 817-244-8500
  • Drop ins are welcome.  Drop in rate for a single class is $20
    • Save money by…

      • …purchasing a 4 class card for $50 ($12.50 per class)
      • …purchasing a 8 class card for $80 ($10 per class)
      • …purchasing an “unlimited class” class package where you can take as many classes on the DanceMakers of Texas Schedule as you like, including the Line Dance Class!

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I look forward to seeing you in Line Dance Class!

Tony New competing in Line Dance at Chicagoland Dance Festival

Tony New competing in Line Dance at Chicagoland Dance Festival

  • Exercise your mind and your body!
  • Have fun!
  • Improve your partner dancing! Line dancing is a great way to drill/practice technique!
  • Have FUN!
  • Learn the hottest most popular line dances!
  • Have FUN fun FUN!
  • Meet new friends!
  • Have TONS of FUN!
  • Join a worldwide family of dance enthusiasts!

Did I mention that line dancing is FUN?

Oh? I did…then awesome! Woot!

But to illustrate my point, check out all these fine folks having fun, line dancing!

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