Tony’s Take on: Qmee

Qmee — Making “Easy Money” for doing what you’re already doing!

First, let’s get the rating thing done: 5 stars from TxCowboyDancer

Yes, friends and neighbors… FIVE COWBOY STARS!  — A perfect score! Woot! Why? I hear the teeming masses (and the odd cousin or two..) asking?  We’ll I’m glad you asked.  Here’s why:

  • No minimum cash out threshold.  You can transfer funds to your PayPal account any time you have a cash balance.  I’ve even transferred as low as 5 cents! ..
  • You have the option to take cash and pay yourself, OR you can donate your “cash” to charity.  Ain’t that sweet!  It is a cool thing actually, but folks I need those pennies, every single one of them!  Gimme da CASH!   🙂 ….
  • INSTANT PAYOUT!  We all know I’m prone to drama and well, uhmmm dramatic exageration.  But not this time! When you click the “submit” button.  The cash is THERE!  BAM!  WHAM!  ZIP ZAP!  You have your money!  The transfer from Qmee to PayPal is immediate — we’re talking the speed of light here baby!  As fast as their computers can yack to each other! ..
  • To make the money with Qmee, well you don’t have to do anything that you’re not doing now.  Just use Google and/or Amazon to search for stuff like you are already doing.  (see the how it works section down below) ..
  • They have a referral program.  So if you tell your friends about Qmee, you get paid a bonus of $1 per friend, the first time your friend cashes out at Qmee.

How Qmee Works:

The four graphics below are from the Qmee website (I hope they don’t get ticked at me for borrowing them. 😉 I am bragging about them after all!)

Qmee01 Qmee02 Qmee03 Qmee04

Sign up and get the Qmee App here

TIP on how to maximize your Qmee earnings

When you get a list of Qmee ads, click on one, look around for thirty seconds or so, then do the same search a second time.

Usually you can get to click on another link.  But don’t think that you’ll be able to keep doing the same search over and over again forever.

Qmee will only show you the list of paid links a couple times, so really do look at them and choose the one you think might have what you are looking for.

Who knows you may end up with a bargain that you didn’t know about (or you can just click on the highest paying one!  Woot!)

TIP on how to best redeem your Qmee Money

While Qmee will let you cash out when your balance is just a few pennies, PayPal has a $1 minimum withdrawal threshold.  In other words, you can’t move money from PayPal to your checking account in amounts less than one dollar. Everyone is different, but here is what works for me:  I take a lot of surveys online right now.

Because of that, every few days, there is a deposit into my PayPal account from one survey company or another. So, when one of those other deposits hit, I hop over to Qmee, move any money that I’ve made at Qmee to my PayPal account and then I move the entire PayPal balance, including the Qmee Cash to my Checking account.

Summing up:

qmeepigGet Qmee  FIVE STARS!

Yes, you install this little plug in but they are PAYING YOU MONEY!!! Real Money.  And I personally think the trade off is worth it.  I have not seen any impact on my surfing or my computer’s performance from their very tiny plug in.

You won’t be able to finance a Hawaiian vacation with what you make but why not get some money for doing what you are already doing?  Seem silly to me to pass up free money!  I have made $12.88 from Jan 1st to now, a few pennies at a time.

See ya on the dance floor!

Full disclosure:

  • These are my opinions...
  • Other than being a customer / consumer / user of the site being reviewed, I am not affiliated with any of these companies in any way. (Though if you happen to be with one of these companies and you want me to be your spokesperson, well, uhmm, give me a shout via my contact form and we’ll talk. – yeh, like THAT’s gonna ever happen!).
  • I have actually used and/or researched the products/sites I review – read the individual review for all the details on any particular item.
  • Some of the sites have referral programs.  Some don’t.  For those that do give a credit for referrals, I’ll make note of that in the review.  But folks, the itty bitty teeny weenie, bit of “credit for referrals” they toss toward me if you sign up after clicking on a link, well it is pennies.  Don’t get me wrong, right now, given my financial situation, if I see a penny on the pavement I’ll stop and pick it up.  BUT the few cents I might get from a referral is NOT enough to make me give a good review to a bad site.  Don’t get me wrong… I can be bought, but girlfriend, I can’t be bought cheap!!!  LOL  — I have a MUCH higher price tag than a few pennies maybe earned via a referral. So there! 🙂 (And if I ever *am* bought out by a company, I’ll let ya know up front! LOL)

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