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If it sounds too good to be true…

Watch out for this and read the fine print…

rx-cardHey I’m very happy that as of Jan 1st I now have health insurance.  [Read more about that on my blog post: [ Where Tony’s been hiding and Thank Heaven for the Affordable Care Act ]

So when this “Rx Savings Card” showed up in my mail, I thought, at first, that it might be something associated with my new policy.

But even before I opened it I was a wee bit suspicious because it came to my apartment.  I never get anything at my apartment except my voter’s registration card.  Everything else goes to my PO Box.

After opening it and reading my suspicions were raised even further because it didn’t mention my new health insurance company’s name at all.  My thoughts as I looked at them and read the attached letter was “I didn’t ask for them, never applied for them, so where the heck did they come from… ?”

So I did a quick Internet search and found this article in the LA Times. (further below)

My set of cards are being shredded as soon as I finish typing this.

BUT… I wanted to make sure that I share the info because a lot of people are getting new insurance cards right now (like me! Woo Hoo!) and they might confuse these “discount cards” with some legitimate part of their insurance package.  Read the article and make your own decision.

Cheers! And, yes I’m feeling all good and warm-fuzzy about myself right now because this blog post counts as a “good deed for the day”  Woot!

Use a card, lose your privacy?

A prescription drug discount company insists that one of its parent firms, a marketing company, won’t sell your personal info if you use its drugstore card. But its legal language suggests otherwise. Read the rest of this entry

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