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Getting Healthy is Complicated… …so do it one step at a time.

Coffee cup with funny caption ©Over the past few months I’ve been overwhelmed.

Everything has seemed like this huge massive mountain with the summit miles above, insurmountable.  And at times I’ve felt that the sides of that mountain were crashing down around me.

My friends will readily say that I never miss an opportunity for drama or a mini-performance.  And, in complete candor, they are mostly right.

However, this time there is no drama, no exaggeration.  I can truthfully say that during this past year there were days where something as simple as getting out of bed, showering, doing laundry, or paying a bill seemed to be a herculean task; it was just too much.

Getting healthy is not an easy thing to do and when you feel as I’ve felt over the past few months, well “not easy” can turn into “impossible.”  At least mentally.  The good news is that things are getting better.  Bit by bit progress is being made.  And for those of you out there who might be feeling the way I did, well, it really does get better and you can do it.   One tiny step at a time.

In a previous post (Getting Healthy is complicated and it takes time… …lots of time! ) I talked about how, when calculating how much time you really have in a week, you will discover that it isn’t as much time as you think.  And after you figure out just how little time you actually have you should feel proud of what you did manage to accomplish in a given week, not upset at what still remains to be done.

And in another post (Start of a New Journey…) I spoke about the importance of getting started, even if it is a tiny start.  We’ll continue now with that chain of thought with a concrete example:

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