“Thank You” to all my wonderful Supporters!

ThankyouvideoThank you!

When I am dancing at the World DanceSport Games I will be thinking of you!

Thank you for your very generous support and thank you for helping me “Dance my Olympic Dream!

If you haven’t donated, or wish to increase you donation visit my project page at 5-6-7-8, Dancing the Olympic Dream!

Starter Division

  • Maggie Ronan

Newcomer Division

  • Lauren Haas-Gehres
  • Kevin Liedl
  • Norman Pollock

Novice Division

  • Charlie Monroe
  • Amy Kimberly Auger
  • Jill Kolodin
  • Tammy Robb
  • Suzanne McKown

Intermediate Division

Showcase Division

Advanced Division

  • Jim Fauntleroy
  • Carol Allen-Levangie

Crown Division

Superstar Division

Bronze Medal I

Bronze Medal II

Silver Medal

Gold Medal I — Line Dance Olympic Champion

Gold Medal II — Couples Dance Olympic Champion

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank You! Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank You! Thank you!  Thank you!



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