TxCowboyDancer Designs — Custom Design Request Form

Wow!  Yer askin’ lil’ ole me to fix somethin’ up fer ya!

I is downright flabbergated with pride!

While I have a lot of designs on Zazzle and a lot of those designs are “customizable” using the “Customize It!” button on Zazzle, I realize that you may want something of your very own that fits your style perfectly!

So, I do custom design work.  The easiest and most common request I get, is to change the colors and/or font of the text and/or the color of the background.  Or to add a border of some kind.  Do that that is a flat $10 because it takes only about 30 minutes.

So, let me know what you’d like and we’ll work out a price.  I promise, I work cheap!  🙂  Most design work I do is based on how long it will take me:

  • Under half an hour: $10 (see note above about what is possible to do in 30 minutes)
  • Under an hour is $15.
  • If it takes 1-2 hours then the charge is $25.
  • If it takes me more time than that we’ll talk before I go any further.
  • If you want the design to be yours and yours alone, then I add $25 to the total and I agree to not list it for sale to anyone else on Zazzle.  It will be exclusively your design.

The fine print:

  • All payments will be through PayPal.
  • You pay 50% for me to start the design and then the remainder when I finish.
  • When the design is finished, I load the design to Zazzle as a template and you can put it on any product you want, as many times as you want, as many products as you want.  Of course you have to pay Zazzle to have the design printed out on the products.
  • I retain copyright of the image and retain the option to post the design for sale on Zazzle unless you pay me to use it exclusively.
  • The image is for your personal use only, may not be distributed or used for commercial purposes.  If you want commercial rights to the resulting design, then let me know and we’ll work something out. 🙂  I can be bought.  *grin*

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