UPDATE: Headed to the Oklahoma Dance Rush!

UPDATE 9:39 pm :

I posted the following to my Facebook page and after I did that I read it, thought it was mildly amusing so I decided to post it here to my blog as well:

I am very thankful for (1) being on the line staff so my 3 day pass is comp’d (2) a very good best friend who is “floating me a loan” and paying for my half of the hotel and my half of gas for the trip up and back this weekend (3) that I had already pre-paid my dance entry fees *before* I lost my job.
I’m excited to see old friends again this weekend and to be dancing with my awesome partner and with my Temp-Pro, Melissa Jefferies who is doing a Two-step with me so I can get a qualifying event while my Pro is down (temporarily) for the count and becoming rounder every day.
Yes, I’m thankful and excited for all these things. But is it too much to ask that once, just once, I have *everything* ready and packed for the trip say around 5pm the night before so that I can just relax and enjoy a nice DVD movie instead of frantically searching for where the heck all the stuff went since the *last* contest? Hmmm? Just once? Maybe? One day? *sigh*

I’ll be in Norman Oklahoma this weekend, home of Oklahoma Sooners!  Boomer Sooner!

UPDATELast weekend I bought a ball cap at the ballpark but when I got it home I realized I had gotten the wrong kind, but of course I had taken all the tags off it and toss them at the hotel.  So, I called up the University Bookstore phone number off the receipt I had and spoke with a really nice guy named Jason who is one of the managers, told him my tale of woe, and he said that I could exchange it without the tags.  Yay!

The occasion will the this year’s Oklahoma Dance Rush.  It should be a fun event with lots of dancing, competition, vendors and workshops.  Here’s the details:

Apr 6-8, 2012 — Oklahoma Dance Rush

Norman / Oklahoma City, OK
Event Director: Beth Emerson & Mike Shoemake
WEBSITE: www.oklahomadancerush.com

— I’m ON STAFF: Teaching Line Dance
— I’ll be competing in Intermediate Couples
— I’ll be competing in Intermediate ProAm, but doing only a single dance to get in a “qualifying event” toward meeting the qualification requirements to attend the World Championships.
— Unfortunately I will have to scratch my one line dance that I had planned on competing.  It just isn’t ready for prime time yet.  😦

See ya on the dance floor in Oklahoma!


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Professional Dance Instructor teaching Country, Ballroom, Swing, Latin and Line Dance. Eleven time Country Dance World Champion.

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