Mea Maxima Culpa (was Test Post)

To all 1,000+ of the folks who get notified when I post something new…. 


My Bad!

Sorry about that.  A friend called who needed computer help and the quickest solution was to post a link for him on my blog to create a “test” for him to use.

Since he woke me up to do this, my brain was NOT fully functioning and I kinda forgot to turn off the “automagic” send out an email about the new post widget.

So… Just ignore all this.  Or laugh or poke fun.  Hey, it’s all good.

See ya on the dance floor.

About TxCowboyDancer

Eleven time Country Dance World Champion. I love to dance. In the middle of a journey, transforming myself from "unemployed and out-of-shape" to "in-shape and full time dance instructor, writer and graphic artist."

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