Pop Quiz: What do “maps” and “Hee-Haw” have in common?

Me! Of course!

All will be revealed…  Just keep reading.  🙂

I was curious….

curious-catIf you follow me on:

Then you know that I’ve been “celebrating” just about every sale I make on my store, TxCowboyDancer Designs,

because the whole concept of being a self-employed, freelancer, in-DE-pen-DANT BIZness person, is well, uhmmm… something new.  🙂

and because every sale and every dollar is one tiny contribution toward keeping me off of a street corner holding a sign that says will teach line dance for food!  Woot!

Celebrating every single sale…

However, right now every, single sale is not just me making a couple of bucks, and avoiding street corners and cardboard signs…  …a sale is a validation of my skills as a graphic designer / creative person / web guru type person:

My storefront:


“TxCowboyDancer Designs – fun and fancy designs from a slightly warped mind”

My store

Yeah, I know, shouting to the rooftops about every sale is kinda silly, but we take self-validation wherever we can get it folks!  Woot!

So partly to promote my store, and partly to brag about myself to the world and to all 1200 of you…

(yes, there are over 1,200 of you fine folks who occasionally stop by and read what I write…kinda scary when you give it some serious thought, LOL)

but I digress…  (I do that a lot don’t I?)

SO… partly to promote my store, and to brag to all of you fine folks who follow me in various places like Facebook, Twitter, email notifications, etc, etc, etc,  I have been sending out announcements about the location of the person who buys something from my store.

Kinda like the old Hee-Haw show with their “Cornfield Salute”

You whippersnappers who don’t remember Hee-Haw, well ye missed out on sum quality ENTERtainMENT!  Now move out of tha way so yer elders can get to their ger-RE-tol… 😉

Let me tell ya…. Twern’t no Twerkin’ on Hee-Haw!

‘nuf said… LOL  So, uhmmm… where was I.. oh, yes… recognizing the location of my customers:

“SssssssaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaLUTE to Mason OH”
… and the person who obviously has great taste because they bought something featuring one of my designs!

This is what I posted on Facebook yesterday:

FB Salute - 2014-09-24_11-21-20

And, like I said on Facebook, nope the guy does not come with the shirt.

I asked.  They said no.  They wouldn’t even give me his number!  sigh

About those maps…

You thought I’d forgotten about them right? 😉

A lot of these places  where my customers live, I have never heard of before, which is to be expected.  And some of them were very familiar even if I’d never been there like Rio de Janeiro in Brazil — yes, I said “Rio de Janeiro” — So I Googled online to see if there was a place that could create a map of the locations where people live who have bought my stuff and I did, indeed find such a place.


Here are the results.  I think it is way cool that people all around the world are wearing or using something that I created with my very own brain.  Woot!

Check out the zoomable version here at: http://batchgeo.com/map/45fa8a38222e58c09fe898af7c0bbc98  or check out the screen captures down below:

Global distribution:

2014-09-16 My Customers-Global

Closeup of Europe

2014-09-16 My Customers Europe

Closeup of Australia, New Zealand and the Far East:

2014-09-16 My Customers Asia and South Pacific

Closeup of Canada, US, Mexico, and the Caribbean

2014-09-16 My Customers Canada and US

So there you have it. — A World wide tour of where my customers are located.  Woot!

I have to admit.  It is way cool to thing that somebody in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil is running around town carrying a book bag that I designed:

See ya on the dance floor!


About TxCowboyDancer

Professional Dance Instructor teaching Country, Ballroom, Swing, Latin and Line Dance. Eleven time Country Dance World Champion.

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  1. Very cool Tony! How exciting to see a visual of your sales. I guess us Canadians need to check out the goods. lol……


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