The ProAm and Couples Competitor’s “Secret Weapon”

Line dancing makes you a better overall dancer!

Shhhhh!  Don’t tell anyone!

If you are…

  • …a Couples or ProAm competitor who wants an “edge”
  • …a Social Dancer who wants to improve their skills on the dance floor,

Then you should consider Line Dance Competition!

Here’s the deal:

Introduction to Line Dance Competition

No, you don’t have to be local to the Fort Worth / Denton / Dallas metroplex.

If you are in a distant part of the world from me we can do the lesson via Skype and I’ll send you a video of the “line dance teach.”

What are you waiting for? — Line Dancing is FUN!

What? Not convinced yet?

OK, if you need more reasons, let me share. *grin*

Here are some reasons why you should add line dancing competition in addition to your ProAm or Couples competition:

You’ve already paid for your travel expenses…

If you’re competing in ProAm or Couples then you’re already at the event: you’ve already paid for the Weekend Pass, you’ve already paid for the travel, you’ve already paid for the hotel, and the costumes and the coaching.

Why not dance as much as you can!? Get more for your money! More bang for your buck! Dance More! Woot!

You’ve got a better chance of Winning!!!!..

Line Dancers at a Cowboy Themed WeddingRight now, in the US and Canada, the field is wide open because there so few of us line dancers around!

I’d like to see that change of course! But for now, if you enter, your odds of winning are awesome! *hint* *hint*

Can we say cool prizes and 1st place finishes! Shhhhhh! Don’t tell anyone! *wink*

You are the STAR!!!!

Line Dancing is all about you! It is your chance to SHINE and to stand out.

When you’re on the floor with your pro or your partner and a teeming horde of other competitors, then you are competing not only for placements but for the attention of the judges and the audience. When you line dance (at least right now) then all attention is on you!

You stand out. You shine. You sparkle. You have your 15 minutes of fame! — Ok, Ok, you only dance for 2 minutes, but for those two minutes you are the star!

You get noticed by the judges more when you are a line dancer…

DWTS-JudgesFace it, right now, in the US with so few line dancers, you will be on the floor by your self or with only a couple other people.

It only takes a short amount of time to pick a winner so for the rest of the 2 minutes, the judges have nothing to watch but you!

Suddenly your hard won dance technique that was lost in the crowd becomes wonderfully and beautifully visible when those same judges are watching you and only you!

Then later on during the weekend, when they see you doing Couples later or ProAm later, they remember you!

Trust me on this. My line dance experience got me through my whole 1st year in couples and Proam. I lost track of the number of times I had a judge comment to me about competing in Line Dance as well as ProAm and Couples.

Why? Because not many people do it and when you do something “different” or “unique” people remember you!  And despite what we sometimes may think, judges are indeed “people.”

Earn more points toward the UCWDC Overall Points Championship

Every time you enter line dance, those points from line dancing count toward your UCWDC Overall Points Championships in the Top Male and Top Female Categories.

Points are calculated by awarding five (5) points for each division/dance completed and then adding additional points for each 1st – 5th dance placement attained in each of those division/dances, e.g., First – 5 points, Second – 4, Third – 3, Fourth – 2, Fifth – 1.

Competing in Line Dance is Cheaper and Easier than Couples or ProAm

  • You can line dance all by yourself! You don’t have to pay a pro for practice time! You don’t have to co-ordinate schedules to get another person to the studio.
  • You can line dance almost anywhere. Have a big dining room? A spare bedroom? I’ve even danced in the hallway and in my kitchen, on occasion, when I couldn’t get to the studio. (Pssst. There are no floor fees in your kitchen or dining room.)..

Line Dancing will make you a better Couples Dancer and/or ProAm Dancer!!!!

19/52 Country Line DanceWhen you line dance you’re dancing by yourself! There isn’t a pro or a partner to hang onto. Which is a GOOD THING! Because dancing by yourself will help you improve your …

… balance
… momentum
… body flight
… spin technique
… timing
… rhythm
… memorization of choreography
… musicality
… A special note to the guys.

Uhmm…not that it isn’t fun to dance with a lovely and talented dance partner and/or pro but let’s be truthful here.

Having another person out there to worry about adds a HUGE level complexity to the dancing. Eeeeeekkkk

Dancing on my own is MUCH simpler and doing so allows me to focus on, well, uhmm, ME!

Line Dancing is NOT “drills” — Yay!

Me ©2012If you’re like me, then the part of “dancing” you hate most is the drills. UGH!

There is nothing worse than being in the studio doing the same motion over and over and over and over and… well, you get the idea. I don’t want to drill.  I want to DANCE!

But Shhhhh…. here’s a secret. Line dancing uses repetitive patterns.

In other words, every 32 beats or 48, or 24 beats the pattern repeats! You get another shot at working on a specific step to improve the motion or balance or timing or…the list is endless. And SHOCKER! You are actually DANCING while you’re drilling to music!.

OMG! What a concept. *wink*

Let’s Review:


  • …line dancing is fun,
  • …the field is wide open,
  • …the skills will help improve your Couples and/or ProAm dancing,
  • …And I’m giving you a special “offer” to help get you started!

What are you waiting for! It’s time to add line dancing to your line up!   Folks if there was ever a win-win-win situation, this it, so…

See ya on the dance floor!



About TxCowboyDancer

Professional Dance Instructor teaching Country, Ballroom, Swing, Latin and Line Dance. Eleven time Country Dance World Champion.

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