It’s My Anniversary! Here’s the Realization That’s Been Seven Years in the Making.

I wanted to share a post from a blog I follow. This guy really inspires me. It is nice to know that it IS possible to revamp your lifestyle into one where “fit and healthy” is the new “normal.”

Keep It Up, David!

It was seven years ago today, at Richard Simmons’ suggestion, that I started logging my food and emailing him the logs. That marked the beginning of my long, extremely rewarding journey that has resulted in a weight loss of 160 pounds – which I’ve kept off. I thought it’d be nice to mark the occasion with a new ‘before and current’ photo comparison!


The photo on the right was

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  1. Congrats for your success & hard work!


    • Thank you. I have indeed been working hard, but, just to make sure credit is given to the right guy….this is a “re” blog. I’m sharing the blog post of a guy whose blog I follow. It is his anniversary, not mine. Cheers!


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