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Tony’s Take on: The Humble Twin from the Dollar Shave Club

Tony’s CowboyStar Rating on
The Humble Twin
from the Dollar Shave Club

Welcome to the latest installment in an ongoing review series I call “Tony’s Take on…” where I review all kinds of “stuff” because all of us use “stuff” and we either like the “stuff” or we hate the “stuff” and we love to talk about the “stuff” we love or hate…

Today I’m yackin’ ’bout Dollar Shave Club.  For those folks who want the “stars” and nutin’ but da “stars” well, here they are!

4.5 stars from TxCowboyDancer

4.5 CowboyStars!

Why I like this product

First and foremost — IT IS FRIGGIN’ LOW COST!!!!!! 

The humble twin from Dollar Shave Clubthe humble twin reverseNotice that I did not say “cheap” — I said “low cost.”  It is cheap in price, not in quality.  It is a good value for the money you spend.

Because of my financial situation, I use the cheapest of the three razors that they have: “The Humble Twin”

  • The handle costs $3
  • The replacement blades (five blades) cost $1
  • Shipping and handling is $2

So, when I get only the blades, the cost is $3 for five blades.

If, you do something silly like I did recently and “lost” your handle, well reordering is simple.  My next shipment will include a handle in addition to the blades and will cost me $6.

No matter how you cut it, that is an AMAZING PRICE! — Way cheaper than going to the drug store or grocery store and buying blades.  Especially since most drug stores now lock up the blades because razor blades are such a high theft item.

Second — the blades work well…

Don’t get me wrong, at $1 for five blades you’re not going to feel like you’re shaving with the Jaguar of razors, but it works just fine.

The blade gets the job done — and does the job well.

I have no complaints at all. It is what it is: a basic two blade razor with a small lubricating strip.  Simple, straight forward design that does the job well at an affordable price.

Third — the handle…

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