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I just updated my review of “Dollar Shave Club”

Short version of the review:

Dollar Shave Club Logo

…It is worth it! 

…I have used it for years!

…I like it!

…I recommend it!

Read the full review at:


Tony’s Take on: The Humble Twin from the Dollar Shave Club

Tony’s CowboyStar Rating on

The Humble Twin from the Dollar Shave Club:

[updated Nov 30, 2020] Welcome to the latest installment in an ongoing review series I call “Tony’s Take on…” where I review all kinds of “stuff” because all of us use “stuff” and we either like the “stuff” or we hate the “stuff” and we love to talk about the “stuff” we love or hate…

Today I’m yackin’ ’bout Dollar Shave Club.  For those folks who want the “stars” and nutin’ but da “stars” well, here they are!

4.5 stars from TxCowboyDancer

4.5 CowboyStars!

Why I like this product

First and foremost — IT IS FRIGGIN’ LOW COST!!!!!! 

The humble twin from Dollar Shave Clubthe humble twin reverseNotice that I did not say “cheap” — I said “low cost.”  It is cheap in price, not in quality.  It is a good value for the money you spend.

Because of my financial situation, I use the cheapest of the three razors that they have: “The Humble Twin”

  • The handle costs $4
  • The replacement blades (five blades) cost $4
  • Shipping and handling is $0
  • 5% discount for 2-3 items in your “box”
  • 10% discount for 4-5 items in your “box”
  • 15% discount for 6+ items in your “box”

I order blades every 3 months and I get two of the replacement blade packs for a total of 10 blades so my cost every three months is only $8.23 which includes tax.

No matter how you cut it, that is an AMAZING PRICE! — Way cheaper than going to the drug store or grocery store and buying blades.

And waaaaaaay easier to purchase, since most drug stores now lock up the blades because razor blades are such a high theft item.

Second — the blades work well…

Don’t get me wrong, at $4 for five blades you’re not going to feel like you’re shaving with the Rolls Royce of razors, but it works just fine.

The blade gets the job done — and does the job very well.

I have no complaints at all. It is what it is: a basic two blade razor with a small lubricating strip.  Simple, straight forward design that does the job well at an affordable price.

Third — the handle…

  • It fits comfortably in my hand.
  • The ridges give me a firm grip.
  • Changing the blades is easy and quick.
  • I like that it is blue.  Silly I know, but…I happen to like blue!  🙂

A bit about how I shave

me 544x544I have a beard and mustache

As you can see in the photo over to the right, my beard does not go all the way up and join with my sideburns; there is a gap.

I can grow a full beard.  But I like the style of beard shown in the photo.  So that hair on the sides near my ears has got to be shaved.

Underneath my beard, on my neck, my facial hair grows to below the collar line you see in this photo.  When I get lazy and let it grow out for a week, it really bugs me when it rubs against the collars of my shirts…so that hair has got to be shaved on a regular basis.

And the razor I use, The Humble Twin from Dollar Shave Club does the job.  No problems.  No nicks.  I get a close smooth shave.

And that is saying something folks because on one side of my neck, below the beard line in the photo but above the collar line in the photo, there is this weird circular growth pattern in my beard.  I shave off all of that because no matter how much I trim, there ain’t gonna be no way to make it look pretty.  It has to go!  The Humble Twin blade handles the changing direction of the hair follicles with no problem.

Note, In the past, I have used a 3 blade razor and a 4 blade razor getting them at the drug store.  When my financial situation took a turn for the worse I looked around for options.  First I went to a drug store brand of dual blade disposable razor which was the cheapest “over the counter” blade I could find.  I didn’t like it because it was cheaply made and didn’t give me a good shave.  It grabbed my hairs and pulled and the blades got clogged up almost immediately.  Basically that cheap blade from the drug store sucked big time.

Then I found the Dollar Shave Club Humble Twin and I am happy with it.  It doesn’t shave quite as close as the over the counter 3 and four blade designs, but it is head and shoulders above the cheap disposable brands that I was using to cut costs.

Edge Shave GelWhat I find is…

IF I use a gel shaving cream (I use Edge Gel for Sensitive Skin)
…and IF I shave over the same spot on my face twice with the Humble Twin razor…

THEN I get just as close a shave with The Humble Twin as I get using the hugely more expensive 3 and 4 blades I used to use from the drugstore back in the day when I had a full time job and was pulling down 40K a year.

How long does 5 blades last?

Well that depends on how much you shave.  Which is why I gave you all that info above about how I shave. 

Because I have a beard, I only have to shave PART of my face when I shave.  And I can skip shaving for quite a while before it begins to look shaggy.

Normally, I tend to shave about once a week when I have no dance lessons or teaching gigs.

IF I am teaching several lessons during the week, or for any other reason running errands and not just staying at home, then I shave about every 3 days.  I

IF I am VERY busy and doing something every day, then I shave every other day.

So, for me 10 blades lasts me about 3 months.

I was on the 1 month plan for the first three months, to build up a supply, then I switched to the “every 3 months” option.  I’ve never run out and often postpone shipments because I have enough blades on hand.

Yes, You can postpone a shipment or change the delivery schedule…

Often I don’t need any more blades — I have plenty on hand.

So, when Dollar Shave Club sends me their “reminder” email that they are about to ship me some blades, I click on the link in the email, and go and “postpone” the shipment to either a month from now or two months from now depending on when I think I’ll need the next batch of replacement blades.

Quick and Easy!

They have lots of other stuff…

The Dollar Shave Club has lots of other products you can buy.  Gels, and creams and lotions and they also have two other models of blades.  I have not tried any of those other products.  When I do or IF I do, then I’ll do a separate review of those specific products.

Dollar Shave Club has a heart

Here is a story I saw on my Facebook Feed the other day.  Dollar Shave Club gave a big box of their products to soldiers for free.  [click the image to make it bigger if you can’t read the text]

Shave club donation

Dollar Shave Club has a sense of humor

If you haven’t seen Dollar Shave Club‘s web ad / video, then you are in for a treat.  It is funny.

Note: If you’re at work, you might want to keep the sound turned down.  And depending on how you feel about bleeped out swear words and little ears you might want to make sure the kids are in the other room.  Enjoy!

Feel free to share your own stories or tips and tricks about razor blades by using the comment form down below:

See ya on the dance floor!


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Full disclosure:

  • These are my opinions…
  • Other than being a customer / consumer, I am not affiliated with any of these companies in any way.
    (Though if you happen to be with one of these companies and you want me to be your spokesperson, well, uhmm, give me a shout via my contact form and we’ll talk. – yeh, like THAT’s gonna ever happen!).
  • I have actually bought and used and/or researched the products I review – read the individual review for all the details on any particular item.
  • If you decide to join Dollar Shave Club, I get a $5 coupon that I can apply to future orders from Dollar Shave Club.
  • If you click on the link to the Edge Gel for Sensitive Skin and actually buy it then I get a small commission of a few pennies from Amazon for the referral.
  • For the record, a few pennies from Amazon and/or $5 from Dollar Shave Club isn’t enough to make me give a good review to a bad product. Don’t get me wrong… I can be bought, but girlfriend, I can’t be bought cheap!  So there! 🙂 (And if I ever *am* bought by a company, I’ll let ya know up front! LOL)

[This review was updated on Nov 30, 2020]



My Top Ten “Make Money Online” sites

The back story…

Screen Bean Watching his 401k run out of moneyI live on a pension.  A very small pension.  A pension I get for 20+ years of service working in city governments as a Public Librarian.  I had to “retire early” during the Great Recession because after loosing my job, I went through all my savings, my 401k, my 429 plan and pretty much sold everything I had of any value.  After those accounts went down to zero, retiring early was the only option left to have money coming in on a regular basis.

So, I get a little over $800 a month from the Texas Municipal Retirement System.  And while that amount keeps me from standing on a street corner holding a cardboard sign, it isn’t really enough to cover all my monthly expenses.  So, I pick up the odd temp job here and there, and I do online surveys to pull in a few extra dollars.

Doing online surveys will not buy you a Yacht nor will it provide Instant Gratification

fat-cat-in-da-moneyBut if you do it regularly, it will make you enough to pay the occasional monthly bill or buy a pizza or two each month.  And for me it makes the difference between making ends meet and not making ends meet.  Full disclosure, given the amount of time it takes, it doesn’t add up to minimum wage.

But for me, it has meant the difference many times between having money for food at the end of the month or not having money for food.  Between being able to pay that $10 copay for my prescription or not having the $10 to buy the meds.

So… if you have a few minutes to spare, and there’s nothing else you want to do at that moment, then you can turn that “down time” into real money.

This is the “quick & dirty” Top Ten List

I’ve started reviewing Read the rest of this entry

Tony’s Take on: Online Money Making Sites

Series Introduction

Thumbs Up - Thumbs DownSince this is the first time I’ve done this review thing for an online site, I guess an introduction is in order.

There are a lot of places where you can “Make money online!”  And of course there are a LOT of scams out there preying on folks.

In this series I will share with you my personal experiences with some of them and give you my 2 cents worth.  Get it?  2 cents- making money online?  LOL  I crack myself up sometimes.

When I do a review of an “online money making site”  it will be part review, part tips & tricks, and a dash of my usual, well, uhmmm… drama.

Ok, there. I admitted it. I tend to do “drama” even “drama” isn’t really necessary. But on the other hand. Life without “drama” would be SO boring… 😉 And I’m good for a couple laughs when I’m being dramatic… 😉

Nonetheless, my intent is to keep the drama to a minimum and keep these reviews fairly short and to the point, or at the very least, relevant to the topic at hand.


Tony’s Take on: Slim Fast vs High Protein Slim Fast

Problem: Which Meal Replacement Shake Should I Use?

Ok, fair warning, this ain’tcha ordinary review…


I wouldn’t be, uhmmm, well, uhmmm, “moi” if I did a plain ordinary review!

And why should I anyway?  “Ordinary” is just so.. “Plain!”

One should always strive to be FAB-u-LUS even when reviewing meal replacement shakes.

So………  Welcome to Tony’s Brain – doing a review — Brace yourself, it’s a very strange place!

Regular readers, keep reading and enjoy the silliness that you’ve come to expect from me.

You folks who found me via a Google search and are expecting a “normal review” well dearest visitors, you have a choice…

You can do what my regular readers are doing, which is grabbing their morning coffee or a snack to tide them over for a bit while they sit back and have a few laughs reading my post…


You can jump down to the Read the rest of this entry

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