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New Pillows! New Pillows! New Pillows!

Sheraton PillowsYes, I’m a little excited. 🙂  It’s the little things I tell ya!  And it means I can cross an item off my “Check List!

I’ve been watching the little tracking widget on the FedEx website and I knew that my pillows would be waiting for me at the UPS Store.  I have a PO Box at the one close to my house because my neighborhood, while not a slum, is not the place you want boxes sitting outside your door.  Better to have the delivered to a place where they are more secure.  🙂

So…  My pillows!!  Woo Hoo.   I stopped off at the UPS Store on the way home and picked them up. The guy at the counter brought me this box and I was a bit concerned for a moment, because to fit in the box they must be squished a bit.   But then I noticed the top of the box bulging a bit.  And since bulges are a good thing, I set aside my fears of pillow squishyness.

I had gotten these pillows before (12 months ago) and I loved them.  Funny how as something slowly changes, you don’t notice it?  Well OMG!!!! When I put the old pillows next to the new ones….  “Houston we have a problem!”  OMG!  I briefly, very briefly considered taking a photo of the old pillows next to the new ones and posting it here, but nope, not gonna do it.  Let’s just say that the old pillows are past their prime and they have to go!

So tonite, tonight, tooooooooooniiiiiighhhhtttt (insert image of me singing like a broadway diva) I’m going to have a better night’s sleep with my new pillows.

See ya on the dance floor!

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