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I have Type 2 Diabetes…

Narrowing the subject…

typhoon-odessa-from-spacePerhaps it is just me or perhaps it is a trait common to all people who do a lot of writing but sometimes the ideas, images and words in my head are swirling around in such a huge mess that if viewed from outer space it would resemble a hemisphere spanning cyclone.

Now how’s THAT for an image?  😉

This is about the third or fourth time that I’ve started this particular post and every time I’m like Dug, the dog from “Up”:


I kept bouncing around from topic to topic.  So I’m going to do the unthinkable…

I’m going to keep this post short and only talk about one topic.  OMG!  Aliens have stolen Tony and replaced him with a POD-person!

I have Type 2 Diabetes

I confess that it kinda freaked me out when Read the rest of this entry

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