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Reflect, Review, Revise, Revel, Reward, …Really!


Diva Kitty practizin dance ©2012Well, yesterday was a busy dance day.  Practiced with my dance partner for a little over an hour.  Then I went to the West Coast Swing classes taught by the most fabulous Beata Howe and “Pappa Daddy” TRose aka Terry Roseborough.  That was another 3 hours of dancing.  OMG!  Oh, my aching feetsies.  Ouchies!  Oh da pain, da pain.

Ok, ok, maybe I’m being a bit dramatic, (hey being dramatic is what I do…I wouldn’t be “Tony” without the drama!)

…but in all seriousness, I did kinda push things.

So, now I know, at my current fitness level, doing four hours of dancing/learning/practicing is very close to “over doing it.”

The trick is to find exactly the right amount of exercise with which to stress my body.  I may have to alternate “heavy days” like yesterday with “easy days” or “rest days” while I’m still on the bottom end of the “fit” range.

It is true that I’m trying to build up stamina but I’ve also got to not overdo it and injury myself.  It is important to give my body a chance to repair itself and build itself stronger.

That’s how you get fitter; you stretch your limits, rest a bit, then stretch your limits again.  Eventually tasks that were difficult become easier.  Then they become routine and then you have to stretch further to keep on improving.  Woot!


Who da man?  Who da Pappa Daddy?  Who is on track on his fitness goals!  Come on, chant with me…  “Go Tony!  Go Tony! Go Tony!”

Doing those little circle things with your hands clenched in a fist is optional, but encouraged.  🙂

Here are the cold hard numbers:

-- 12.2 lbs lost (total so far)
-- 1 lb lost at the official Jenny Craig Weigh-in this week.
-- 5.65 inches lost (total so far) - Hips, Chest, Waist
-- .4 inches lost this past week.

Yay!  2013 is on track!  Woo Hoo!    Here are the charts and the cool fun visual stuff: Read the rest of this entry

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