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Random Thoughts from my Drugged Brain… or “What I Did on My Summer Vacation”

I Broke My Wrist

My arm-new splint ©2012My best friend treated me to a weekend trip to New Mexico to cross some things off my bucket list as an early birthday gift and I brought home a lovely souvenir from Ruidoso New Mexico.

There’s no story to tell.  I slipped and fell.  It had been raining and the pavement was wet, and there was some funky stairs that should have had better markings to sow the edges of the steps.  When I got to the ER, the doc knew exactly where I’d taken the fall because he had fallen at the same place.

Other than that it was a great trip.   Which I can’t tell you about because I’m typing with one finger/handf..  Getting better at it.  I’m learning to love left handed words.  Those words that only use letters feom the left side of the keyboard.

ASlas there ARE not enough of thm.

I’m not going to correct the typing for the lazst bit so you dear readers can get a taste of how FUN my typing ids right now!  *SIGH*

New Mexico

Me in my temporary splint the day after the accidentI saw

  • Carlsbad Caverns
  • Guadalupe Mounyains National Prk
  • Lots of desert
  • Ate at some very good restraunts
  • met some cool people
  • met some hunky park rangers  oh my!
  • Roswell –geeked out  serious schlock fest @ the UFO stuff
  • Roswell — saw a Rembrandt and a O’Keefe that I’d never seen before
  • White Sands — geeked out on nature and sweet talked a ranger into giving me a Junior Park ranger patch!
  • generally had a blast
  • Ate more good food
  • Went to two bars in El Paso, used my brand new conversation starter to make new friends


Random thoughts

  • I’m on some serious drugs…pain relievers Oxycodone/Acetamnophin  which keep me from screaming in pain but kinda mess witnh my whole cognative functiopns.
  • I’m unemployed and uninsurred.  I have no idea how I’m going to pay for this.  There is a Financial assistance dept at Baylor that I’m supposed to call tomorrow.  And tell me again why universal coverage is a BAD idea?
  • Surgery is scheduled for Wed.
  • I shold get 100% 0f the function back which ids good cazuse I kinda need both hands to dance and type.
  • Gonna see how mucxh a voice typing program wcosts cause typing with onew hand sucks.
  • Do you kow how hard it is to shower with only 1 hand?
  • Did i mentioni got good drugs?  🙂
  • Got lots of pics I’ll load to Flickr
  • There is  whole lot of nuthin. i MEAN A lot OF NOTHING AND MILES AND MILES OF IT IN New Mexico
  • Hmmmmm…
  • Dance is on hold while I’m stoned and can’t drive.  AShem.  Taking legal perscriptshuns for pain.
  • Should be back in the studio a couple days after surgery.

okay  that’s enough for now,  Hope you,ve had a few laughs.  Hey if my broken wrist can bring joy to my dearest reader’s then all is not for naught.

ok, I coNfess.  I didn’t slip and fall at a restaurant.

I was abducted by aliens.  EWhen they probed me, they got a little carried away and didn/t put everything back together just right.

See ya on the dance floor  uhmmm…  doctor’s office.

unless the aliens come back to get me.

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