Day Six on Jenny Craig

I left my “Jenny Craig menu” at work yesterday so last night and this morning I have had to wing it, guessing as to what is next on the menu. (Note… I later found out that I could log onto the Jenny Craig website and download a menu)

Last night I had the Mac and cheese, two cups of veggies and later when I got hungry, I had a sandwich.

About that sandwich….  🙂  I’m on a 2,000 calorie a day menu plan, which means that in addition to all the items on the “menu” I get an extra sandwich and a cup of milk a day.  The sandwich is two slices of bread, 1oz of either meat or cheese and 1 tsp of mayo, spread very VERY VERY thin across the two pieces of bread.  But on most days, I don’t eat the sandwich.  I’m simply not hungry.

Also, with dinner every night, at least so far.there is a “soupitizer” which is 1 cup of a broth based soup.  Most nights I don’t eat that either.  Again, simply because I’m not *that* hungry.

I’m running late this morning. (like that is any different from any other morning?)  So this has got to be short….  uhmmm… too late! No pun intended.   Long story short, uhmmmm… too late.  Anyway….   I had scheduled Monday as my check in but realized that I need to do grocery shopping on Sunday and if I do it on Monday, then I’ll have used all my food and I won’t have any for Monday.  So… I’m moving my weekly check-in to today.  In 1 hour.  Which means I need to get in the shower now!

See ya on the dance floor!


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