This “Getting Fit and Healthy” thing is gonna kill me! (Part one of ???)

Right now… my body is saying “WTF?!!!”

Pitchforks and flaming torchesMy torso (lower back and abs) right now are having pretty much a full on “Angry Mob” kinda thing going on!!!!!

Brace yourself…

I’m going to bring you into my world…

eeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkk  slam

Ok, now that the strong among you have decided to not run shrieking from the room…. and those who headed for the exits have closed the door behind them….

Right now I am in pain. As in I’ve taken drugs and I’m icing it down kind of pain and I really really wish it would stop kind of pain.

My lower back and my lower abs are literally clenching and hurting and doing the whole spasm thing..  Earlier, I had to ask my room mate to help me get out of my chair (more on that in a bit)

Literally.  I needed help to stand up and get of of a chair.  I’m being dead serious here folks!  I. Could. Not. Stand. Up!

And you know that when I’m being literal, with no added drama, then the actual real “facts on the ground” are pretty darned dramatic all by themselves!

I think that my new efforts toward health and fitness are creating an uproar in my body…!!!!!

The never ending dilemma of a blogger / writer…

Janus - Two Faced CoinThe never ending question;

the quandary, the puzzle, the issue

that every blogger, indeed every writer, always faces is

“What should I include?”

In my case…  I’m writing a blog about “health, fitness, and my personal pursuit of those goals”

which means that I HAVE to share SOME personal details with… 

Uhmmm….  well, not to put too fine a point on it, … with YOU fine folks who are reading this

But how much should I share?  Obviously I need to share enough in order for the readers to “follow the story”  But how much is “enough” and how much is “too much” and what should never be mentioned?

It is a juggling act.  And for the most part my “rule of thumb” is “would I tell this story among casual acquaintances?”  Which is a pretty good rule of thumb to follow.

Now that at first glance doesn’t seem too bad or difficult.  However, now I find myself in a place, where in order for the readers, like yourself, to “follow the story” I have to share bits and pieces which I would rather not share.    Details which describe a “story” that thousands have experienced and thousands have blogged about and about which books have been written and careers have been made and talk show hosts have broadcast.

So what’s the big deal?  Well, this is MY story.  MY gory details!  This is ME we are talking about.  Details that are not flattering in any way.


If it were just my friends, well no big deal.  And if it were just you folks who follow my blog then not such a big deal because since you’ve signed up for updates, then you’re already invested in the story and you probably won’t judge me too harshly.

And if you get to here from my Facebook page well, you’ve probably met me at a dance event so you know me “from the real world” so to speak and again, reading these bits of info about me probably won’t change what you think of me too much….



Privacy?What about all the OTHER folks out there?  Complete strangers that stumble across this blog via a Google Search?

The folks who might somehow, some way, take these personal details and do nasty nefarious things with them?  I have no idea what that might be, but we are talking about emotions here, logic has nothing to do with it!

Worse, what if by writing and sharing, it impacts things like future job prospects or applications for benefits or…  well you get the picture.

Opening up and sharing one’s dirty laundry with the whole wide world of the Interwebz is, well SCARY!  It means that I’m giving up a degree of privacy.  I’m making the decision to become something (on a very small scale) a “public” figure.’    I’m about to put another piece of my life out there for all to see…

I, being fairly intelligent,  recognize, that I, being in my mumblemumble* mumble* years old  …

Oh, you didn’t catch my age?  Well lets just say that my concept of “privacy” is an evolving thing but I still have this crazy notion that not EVERYTHING needs to be on public display.  I also recognize that many, not all, but many younger folks in their teens and twenties are much more comfortable sharing and posting and basically not caring if the whole world sees every bit of their lives.

Certainly there is a generational watershed where folks ahem “of a certain age” like myself assume that there should be a certain amount of privacy.  Younger folks than I are, generational speaking, more comfortable with living in a perpetual spotlight.

Then again… well, I’m talking about well… Me!

The subtitle on my blog is  “Dancing my way to a healthy Me”

MY  and ME are in the blithering title of the blog for goodness sake.

I understand that in order to entertain and inform and well to carry forth the topic of this blog that I’m going to have to open up and share.

Unfortunately that sometimes can be embarrassing,  VERY EMBARRASSING.   Necessary, yes, but well embarrassing.

Bottom line.  I want something.   I need something.  I’m trying to accomplish something.  And to get that.. Well I have to share …


Continue on to Part two:

Sharing with the World: “Stuff that makes me Blush…”


See ya on the dance floor, (eventually!)


About TxCowboyDancer

Professional Dance Instructor teaching Country, Ballroom, Swing, Latin and Line Dance. Eleven time Country Dance World Champion.

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