I did it again! Almost too pooped to type but…

I friggin’ DID IT!  — AGAIN!

exhausted-catYou may recall that yesterday I was all a twitter about having done 45 minutes of exercise — also known as – domestic duties.

Today, mere moments ago,  I DID IT AGAIN!

On my “to do” list (we will NOT discuss just how long it’s been there) is to “sort, shred, and file” as appropriate, years of accumulated paper, old bills, photos from dance events, score sheets from dance events, certificates from dance events, dvds and videos from dance events, more bills, more statements, more…

well you get the idea.

So… facing the inevitable and not finding ANYTHING else to distract me, I proverbially girded my loins (anyone know how to gird? — what is “girding” anyway?) but I digress…

I was ready.  the moment had come to START… just START, finishing will be weeks away, but to START that particular project.

So, I put on a new podcast from my favorite DJ “Mr Andi Mik” and got to work…

I just reached a stopping point, and turned to pause the mix and was SHOCKED!




AGHAST (well I wasn’t really Aghast, but since agog and aghast have such a nice alliteration I thought I’d throw that one in just for fun)

Eeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyy Way….

I was well and truly AMAZED-ed.

See I ur a colludge grad-u-ut!  I knows some BIG wurds.

So… the timer on the pod cast read 3 minutes left, 58 minutes played. 


  • paperwork kittypulling TEN boxes of papers,
  • moving, lifting
  • taping,
  • finding better lids for
  • and generally manhandling of aforementioned boxes


  • sorting,
  • shredding
  • more manhandling
  • more moving
  • more sweating


I’m getting tired again just typing about it.

Not that all ten boxes got done.  Who the heck do you think I am?  Superman?

Nope… they just got re-arranged so that I could get to them easier AND some filing got done. A little bit.  A teeny bit.  An itty bitty teeny weeny yellow polka oh… ooops.   where did THAT come from?

So… some stuff got sorted and filed…

The POINT dearest readers is that not exactly what I did, but that I did it!  Not only did I do this I did it without being aware of how much time was passing!  OMG….  did the earth just tilt?  Is California still attached to the rest of North America?

Did the San Madrid Fault let loose?

Oh, sorry that just me burping.

My Inner Domestic Diva - Ready for Action!But I digress…  …I do that ya know.

So there you have it…. For THREE, count them, THREE days in a row, I’ve done major bursts of exercise / movement / house cleaning crap (oops… but who likes housework anyway)  AHEM

THREE days of movement.  And I didn’t have a stroke.  Which a six weeks ago, IF I’d been able to do this at all, would have been a real possibility!  Woot!

I must rest now.

My inner domestic diva is demanding bon-bons.  Not that she’s gonna get them!!!  That gurl betta WERK!

See you on the dance floor   (with neater files)




About TxCowboyDancer

Professional Dance Instructor teaching Country, Ballroom, Swing, Latin and Line Dance. Eleven time Country Dance World Champion.

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  1. Progressing nicely Tony! Before you know it you’ll be dancing full time again. Yeehaw!

    By the way I finally took a chunk of time and read your scrapbook of skinny to not-so-skinny photos! (There was no comment box at the end). Holy $%@T. You are a talented organizer! Have you thought of making it a career? There are people out there that could use your talent. I’ll bet you were an amazing librarian. Loved the journey, great job BTW.


    • Long wasn’t it? LOL At one point I thought to myself… NOBODY is going to read this. Urk! But then I realized that as I was doing it, I was feeling “better” for lack of a better (pun intended) word. So I kept at it. Took me AGES to get it the way I wanted it. I will probably take the article and create a second version that only has photos and have both listed in my gallery so people can choose which one they want.

      Thank you for the compliments; you are very sweet. And thank you for letting me know about the no comment box. Having comments on posts is set to “yes” as a default. I must have accidentally UN-checked the box and toggled it to “no”. Ooops! It is fixed now. So the comment box is there. 🙂



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