Let’s hear it for the boy! It’s a miracle!

I’m making progress..

can-i-get-an-amen-kittyI promise that this is going to be the shortest post I’ve ever made…  My version of a “Tweet”  LOL

I just realized something for the SECOND day in a row that needs to be shared.

Yesterday I did a bit of housework which a month ago would have left me gasping, and I did it with no problems.  Sailed right through it as a matter of fact.

Woot!  Yeeeeeeeee Haw!  I actually tweeted about it and put it on my Facebook page.

Why I’m doing this post as well is because:

Just moments ago, I finished up 45 minutes of activity around the house concluding with rotating my mattress on my bed.

I will confess that the mattress did me in.  I had to sit down and I was breathing heavy.  BUT… when I went to update my activity log (more about that log in a future post) I saw that it had been 45 minutes from the last time stamp!


Applause KittyNow it ain’t as if I had run a marathon or anything but we’re talking 45 minutes of non-stop activity

  •  making some phone calls
  • sorting laundry
  • spraying it with pre-wash
  • pouring some enzyme cleaning drain-maintenance stuff into the drains in the bathroom
  • pulling sheets off the bed
  • stripping all the pillow cases
  • spraying THAT with pre-wash
  • finding the clean sheets and bringing them to the bedroom
  • and then….  rotating the mattress

which pushed me over the proverbial edge.  I needed to sit down.

Applause Sign (CC)So… I do believe a round of applause is in order!

All kidding aside, this “revelation” proves to me that the approach I’m taking this time is working, and will continue to work.

See ya on the dance floor! 

(with clean sheets — LOL)


About TxCowboyDancer

Professional Dance Instructor teaching Country, Ballroom, Swing, Latin and Line Dance. Eleven time Country Dance World Champion.

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  1. Yeehaw!!! Clap,clap,clap, clap! Based on how a trip to the laundry room or a grocery shop exhausted you just a few short months ago. Yes, I’d say that’s another milestone! How exciting. Go Tony, go!


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