Skinny-to-Fat Photo Timeline

This Post is the “photos only” version…

Editor CatAfter letting it stew in my brain for a couple of weeks I decided that I would post a “photo only version” of my earlier post:

 A Scrapbook of Skinny and Not-so-Skinny Photos…

Why?  I hear my dearest readers asking in unison?

Well, I recognize that the earlier post was WAY LONG (though fab-u-lus) and most of you probably just gave up and clicked away from it.

So, here is the the “Picture only” version for your enjoyment.  It is your choice…

… keep scrolling for the “pictures and nuthin’ but the pictures version here on this page


A Scrapbook of Skinny and Not-so-Skinny Photos…  (which contains awesome background info on the photos)


Keep scrolling if you want the “just the photos” version.  —   oh my!  decisions decisions decisions…

No, Virginia, I wasn’t always a “big guy”

I became a big guy because as the years have passed, I have not used my body as much as I used to do when I was younger.

I used to be fit. Now I’m not. So as a result of not being fit, I am fat and I am not healthy.  Here’s the proof:me-through-the-years


Presenting a Photo Timeline of me at various weights:

The 1980’s – ranging from 170-ish to 190-ish lbs


The 1990’s — I achieve my “fittest body ever” then, the weight starts to climb…

Starting at a low of 165 and 10% Body fat,

…the weight mostly went “up” but fluctuated between 165 lbs and a high of 234 lbs


The 2000’s — “Skinny Me” a.k.a. “Fit Me” is a distant memory

Being a “Big Guy” is now “normal” — Weight fluctuates up and down between a low of 200 lbs and a high of 275 lbs


The 2010’s — The Decade, so far, of Drama, Doom, Near Death Experiences and Rebirth/Reboot(?)

Don’t you wish you’d chosen the “Full text version?”  That headline is rather cryptic with no explanation isn’t it?  It’s not too late to jump over to

A Scrapbook of Skinny and Not-so-Skinny Photos…  (which contains awesome background info on the photos)

😉  jus’ sayin’  😉

Jan 2010 – May 2013

Weight averages around 250 lbs but swings back and forth from a low in the 230’s to a high in the 290’s


June 2013 – July 2014 — I stopped dancing.  I stopped just about everything.

Weight surges up to then passes my previous record maximum weight, then keeps on setting new records: from somewhere in the 280’s to a max of 333-335 lbs

So there you have it, a complete history (well a rough outline) of my roller coaster ride of weight loss and weight gain in a special Photo-only version.

Now a new journey has begun and by all that is holy, I will never, NEVER get on that damned ride again.  The weight is going to come off and stay off because I’m going to get fit and stay fit.  “I” am my new full-time job.

If you would like to “read all about” the photos and get the story behind these photos, jump to:  A Scrapbook of Skinny and Not-so-Skinny Photos…

See ya on the dance floor!



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Professional Dance Instructor teaching Country, Ballroom, Swing, Latin and Line Dance. Eleven time Country Dance World Champion.

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  1. Hey Cowboy! Sending supportive thoughts to help you toward your goal! Love the short haircut!! 🙂 Allen


    • Thanks Allen. I appreciate that. Knowing there are folks out there rooting for me really does help.

      And thanks for the compliment on the short hair. I like it too. I did it at first to save money. Cheaper to use a hair trimmer at home than pay a hair stylist (we won’t discuss receding hair lines will we? hmmmm?) But now that I’ve had the “buzz cut” for a while, I’ve decided that I really like it.



  2. Nice…. Is it just me or am I seeing more (different) photos here? Good luck on your journey Tony. You’ve maintained a positive attitude so far. Keep it up.


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