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MintVine is still my #1 pick

Mintvine-LogoMintvine is head and shoulders above the rest.  And they are growing.  It is my hope that they will make it through their growing pains with the things that make them awesome completely intact.

And, because they are growing, that means they are changing some things around.  So I thought that an update to my original review which you can read here: “Tony’s Take on: MintVine

You can keep reading if you want but things will make a lot more sense if you read “Tony’s Take on: MintVine” first then come back here and read the “update”

Tony’s Cowboy Star Rating for MintVine:

4.5 stars from TxCowboyDancer

Only two things keep them from getting a 5 star rating from lil ole me:

  1. Their pay out threshold is $10 — I would like to see it at $5
  2. They are now taking longer to process cash requests than they did when they first started; they now take about a week, sometimes less, but still longer than they did at first.  That is a negative, but even with the slightly longer processing time, they are STILL one of the very fastest among the ones which I have personal experience.

I know that I’m wordy… …so if you’ve got enough info already
then here’s the link to sign up with MintVine

Info Update #1

Cat - Cash Kitty - 20 Dollar Bill (CC)They are taking longer to process their payments.  They are still way better than their competitors, but they are now taking longer than when I first started using them.

Now when I “make a payment request” I get my deposit into PayPal from them within 7 days.  Not bad.  But not as good as the less than 24 hours and less than 48 hours which they processed my first two payments.

It is a pretty easy deduction that they are growing like gang busters because they are so awesome and they treat their respondents (folks like little ole me) with some respect and some decency.   But they are growing so I’ll give them the 7 days.  If it goes beyond that then I’ll drop them to four stars.  Hey MintVine… Yay reading this?  wink

I know that I’m wordy… …so if you’ve got enough info already
then here’s the link to sign up with MintVine

Info Update #2

The “Daily Poll,” (which I really love) isn’t a “Daily Poll” any more.  They don’t do it on weekends evidently.

I’ve emailed them and pointed out that they should really change the name if they are not going to be doing it every day.  Haven’t heard back from them yet but I did give them some really cool names.  I even told them that if they used any of them I’d REALLY appreciate a token Amazon gift card tossed my way for the input.  Hey MintVine… Ya reading this?  Hint!  Hint!

Some of my suggestions were “Quick Poll,” “Polly Pollster” “The Poll Pad” “Fun Poll” “Poll Pulse” and  “Poll Patrol.”   They have some good cartoon artists on their staff (or they paid someone with some talent) to create some very cute cartoon characters which pop up on redirect screens and other places on their site.  I figure they could create a cute cop for the “Poll Patrol” or gall in a 1920s style bathing gear and a frilly umbrella for “Polly Poll’s Place”

I know that I’m wordy… …so if you’ve got enough info already
then here’s the link to sign up with MintVine

Instead of the DAILY Poll…

…What they have put into place actually has the potential to earn you MORE MONEY!!!!! which is way cool from my standpoint because hey, folks, I’m doing this for the money.  Not because I want my opinion heard, or because I want to better companies products or because I want to be a data point to create a talking point for some politician I don’t like nor support.  Nope, Just give me the cash!

IF you finish 10 Daily Polls in a row, you get a bonus of 25 points.  1 pt = 1 cent

MintVine - screencap Poll Streak

Cool!  And since I literally check MintVine every day, and never miss a poll, TAH-DAH I make more money this way than I did under the old daily poll:

Old way:  7 daily polls x 5 pts = 35 pts = 35 cents

New way: 5 M-F polls x 5 pts = 25 pts + 25 pt bonus for a streak = 50 pts = 50 cents!

We in Dah money!  Woot!  Woo Hoo!

I know that I’m wordy… …so if you’ve got enough info already
then here’s the link to sign up with MintVine

Complete Challenge — New Feature

This is new from when I did my first review.

MintVine - screencap Complete Challenge

Basically what is going on is that every time you COMPLETE a survey, you not only get PAID for the survey at a rate that, to me, seems to be among the highest payouts among the sites I use, they ALSO give you an entry into a drawing that will give you MORE points.


This is the ONLY site that I’ve encountered that does this.


Improved Info Box on the main page of their site:

Back when I got my first three pay outs, the balance numbers got weird while the pay out was processing.  Now they’ve added a fix to the site which is quite simply “awesomely clear” and easy to understand.  Good Job.  Here’s a screen shot (clicken to embiggen)

Mintvine -- Main Page udate pending grab

I know that I’m wordy… …so if you’ve got enough info already
then here’s the link to sign up with MintVine

New Feature – Bonus when you “Do Not Qualify”

I don’t know when they started it but it hadn’t happened when I wrote my original review so I’m gonna mention it now.  When you take surveys, you can pretty much assume that MOST of the surveys out there you are not going to “match” what the folks who commission the survey want.  You’re not the right gender, or age, or don’t make the right amount of money, or you don’t vote or whatever.

Makes sense from their point of view.  After all why ask a 52 year old gay white guy about feminine hygene products?  Ok, ok, stop yer laffin!  The visual wasn’t THAT FUNNY!  Moving on…

Anyway, you get a lot of “NQ” or “not qualified” results.  MintVine of course pays you 5 cents for each one of these

Mintvine - NQ screen

BUT, as a really COOL AND AWESOME SURPRISE BONUS sometimes you see this:

Mintvine - NQ BONUS screen

30 POINTS instead of 5!  That’s an extra 25 cents they just throw at you from time to time for no reason other than they are nice and they want you to stick around and that they understand how frustrating it is to try survey after survey and not actually qualify for any of them.

Cool!  Right?  Yeppers, it’s cool!

Have I convinced you that MintVine is awesome?

Want to sign up?

mintvinelogoFull disclosure.  I get a referral 50 cent credit from MintVine for anyone who joins using the following link.

But the 50 cents they toss my direction is NOT enough to get me to write them a glowing review.  If they start to stink, I’ll tell you about it.  I even started out this review telling you about something that gone from “Awesome” to “Acceptable and better than the rest”.  So…

Here’s the link if you’d like to make some easy money in your spare time.  Just don’t let your boss catch you and if you do get caught…  I was never involved!  wink

Sign up with MintVine Here

See ya on the dance floor

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Full disclosure:

  • These are my opinions...
  • Other than being a customer / consumer / user of the site being reviewed, I am not affiliated with any of these companies in any way.
    (Though if you happen to be with one of these companies and you want me to be your spokesperson, well, uhmm, give me a shout via my contact form and we’ll talk. – yeh, like THAT’s gonna ever happen!).
  • I have actually used and/or researched the products/sites I review – read the individual review for all the details on any particular item.
  • Some of the sites have referral programs. MintVine does credit me for each referral. Some don’t. For those that do give a credit for referrals, I’ll make note of that in the review. But folks, the itty bitty teeny weenie, bit of “credit for referrals” they toss toward me if you sign up after clicking on a link, well it is pennies. Don’t get me wrong, right now, given my financial situation, if I see a penny on the pavement I’ll stop and pick it up. BUT the few cents I might get from a referral is NOT enough to make me give a good review to a bad site. Don’t get me wrong… I can be bought, but girlfriend, I can not be bought cheap!!! LOL — I have a MUCH higher price tag than a few pennies maybe earned via a referral. So there! 🙂 (And if I ever *am* bought out by a company, I’ll let ya know up front! LOL)



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