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Tony’s Take on: – an update

MintVine is still my #1 pick

Mintvine-LogoMintvine is head and shoulders above the rest.  And they are growing.  It is my hope that they will make it through their growing pains with the things that make them awesome completely intact.

And, because they are growing, that means they are changing some things around.  So I thought that an update to my original review which you can read here: “Tony’s Take on: MintVine

You can keep reading if you want but things will make a lot more sense if you read “Tony’s Take on: MintVine” first then come back here and read the “update”

Tony’s Cowboy Star Rating for MintVine:

4.5 stars from TxCowboyDancer

Only two things keep them from getting a 5 star rating from lil ole me: Read the rest of this entry

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