Whew! What a Week…and I’ll teach “American Kids” in my next classes!

Wow…I am one tired puppy!

tired puppy 2Well excited…and tired and excited and worn out and…  LOL

Today, Friday is the first day I’ve had a chance to breathe for well…uhmmmm….almost 3 weeks!

First there was all the work getting my brand new shiny Line Dance Classes started.

Then there was the work to get ready to teach not one, but two line dance workshops at the Texas Hoedown.

Then there was all the work and rehearsing to be ready to perform in the Saturday Night show at the Texas Hoedown.

And then there was the making, printing of the flyers and the promoting and the advertising and the..and… and


Get the idea?

The Texas Hoedown was AWESOME!

Texas Hoedown Logo copyFolks, if you’ve been following my blog then you know that I’m coming back from some serious health and fitness issues.  But…BABY I AM BACK!  Woohoo!

The Hoedown marked the first time I had been at a competition / dance event teaching in over three years.  Ditto for the performing bit.

It was like a big family reunion, meeting and renewing friendships from the big dance family of which I am a part.  snif snuffle

Seriously, it feels very VERY good to be back dancing again and teaching.  And at my next comp I’ll be competing too!

I wanted to compete at the Hoedown and I actually did sign up to do one dance, but I ran short of time and had to prioritize.  And “getting ready” to teach the workshops and to perform in the show came first.

And they were AWESOME!

I had a blast!  And I got so many hugs that my “hugger” may need a tune up!  It certainly got a workout.

AND….I lost weight and body fat over the course of the event!

AND…I taught not one, not two, but THREE private lessons during the event!

AND…I am so proud of my student, Sue L. who competed on Sunday Morning taking 1st place in all her dances.  It was her first time on the floor in a line dance competition and she did AWESOME!

Whew!  I’m tired just remembering all of it.

The dance I will be teaching
this week is “American Kids

@profile pic 3[drum roll please] In my two weekly classes: on Tue, 22nd in Fort Worth & Wed, 23rd in Dallas,  I shall teach:  “American Kids

Follow the link if you want to see the step sheet and/or video of the dance. It is a 32 count / 4 wall / High Beginner line dance.

This dance is very very VERY popular right now, appearing on multiple “Top Ten” lists  and on play lists for local “Line Dance Parties.”

For those who are new to line dancing, the difficulty level of a line dance is indicated on a sliding scale starting with “Absolute” or “Ultra” beginner moving into “Beginner” through “High Beginner” also known as “Improver” then going on to Intermediate and Advanced.

American Kids” is “High Beginner / Improver” — One easy to hear restart (part of what makes it a “high beginner”)  Yay!  Come to my class or Google it if you need a definition of tags and restarts)

Big Revival Kenny ChesneyIt is choreographed by Randy Pelletier.

The music to which the dance is choreographed is American Kids by Kenny Chesney. (link goes to Amazon where you can preview it for free or buy the song for your collection)

I will be teaching this dance at both locations:

Line Dance Tuesdays with Tony


Coming Attraction….Mar 29th…

  • In months with a “5th week”  the Fifth Week is my “Oldie-but-Goodie BONUS Weekwhere I teach a classic line dance that has stood the test of time.  The oldie this month, taught on the 29th of March will be the TUSH PUSH
  • DanceMakers of Texas
     — 6201 Sunset Drive, Suite 630 Fort Worth, TX  76116 [Get Directions]..
     — Ph: 817-244-8500
  • Drop-ins Welcome!
  • Pay at the door.  Save by purchasing the entire month or remainder of the month.

Line Dance Wednesdays with Tony


Coming Attraction….on Mar 30th…

  • In months with a “5th week”  the Fifth Week is my “Oldie-but-Goodie BONUS Weekwhere I teach a classic line dance that has stood the test of time.  The oldie this month, taught on the 29th of March will be the TUSH PUSH
  • Dance Masters Studio Dallas
     — 10675 E. Northwest Highway, Suite 2600-B, Dallas, TX 75238 [Get Directions]
    — Ph: 214-553-5188
  • Drop-ins Welcome!
  • Pay at the door.  Save by purchasing a Five-class Punch Card!

Whatcher waitin’ fer? Register now! 🙂

>>Sign up to get announcements of the specific dances I’ll teach each week. <<<

Just look at the fun all these line dancers are having!



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