Charting My Progress

Panda Bear ©2011On this page I’ll always have a big image of my current set of charts.  To view the chart at its maximum size:

(1) Click on the chart you want to see bigger
(2) Click on the number after the words “Published at” (e.g 1041 x 600)

Each week when I post the new charts I’ll put the old ones at the bottom of the page as thumbnails.

This page last updated: 2012-01-19

Body Fat

Body Fat 2012-01-19 ©2012

Body Fat 2012-01-19 ©2012

Total Body Weight

Weight 2012-01-19 ©2012

Weight 2012-01-19 ©2012

Body Measurements

Inches 2012-01-19 ©2012

Inches 2012-01-19 ©2012

Ratio of Lean Body Mass vs Body Fat

Lean vs Fat 2012-01-12 ©2012

Lean vs Fat 2012-01-12 ©2012

See ya on the dance floor!

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