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This page last updated on Dec 24, 2011

I have a page here on my blog called “Check-List, Check-Off” which is a cross between a “to do list” and a set of mini-goals.

Or as I like to think of it, they are a list of the steps that I need to take to get me closer to my goal of living a healthy lifestyle.

The list was getting so long with the “DONE” things that I decided to put anything that is now a gen-u-wine “habit” and well and truly “DONE” here on this page instead.  Let the celebration commence and cue the applause:  Bravo!  Good Job!  Atta Boy!  You so Rock!  You’re awesome!

Go Team Tony!!!!

Group A

Things that will either (1) create positive momentum (2) keep me on track or (3) will produce the most “bang for the buck” in my quest to be healthy.

  • Make my “morning coffee” more healthy (create momentum)
    DONE — Need to buy white vinegar to do the cleaning
    DONE — Switch from whatever coffee was on sale to organic coffee 
    DONE — Switch from Sweet-n-Low to stevia 
    ☑ DONE — Switch from Half-and-Half to Silk Soy Creamer
    ☑ DONE — Coffee Maker — Find one that was easier to use.
    ☑ DONE — Switch from generic bleached filters, to recycled filters
    ☑ DONE — Switch from the 10 cup size filters to the 4 cup size because I rarely make more than 4 cups in the morning.
  • Get a good night’s sleep (bang for the buck)
    DONE — Replace pillows (my old ones were worn out)
    ☑ DONE — Allergies — Go to primary care physician, get referral
    ☑ DONE — Allergies — Go to Allergy Specialist
    ☑ DONE — Allergies — Get tested.  Learn that I am allergic to dust and dust mites.
    ☑ DONE — Allergies — Get free sample of Patanase and Allegra D. and try them out
    ☑ DONE — Allergies — Get Rx for Patanase and Allegra D (learn they are EXPENSIVE)
    ☑ DONE — Allergies — Rearrange budget to accommodate the new cost for the drugs because, frankly it is worth it.
    ☑ DONE — Allergies — Explore “major” options to minimize my exposure to dust and dust mite allergens.
    ————- Can I move to a less dusty place?  Nope.  Not an option at this time.
    ————- Can I change careers?  Nope.  Not an option at this time.  Let’s look at other “minor” options:
    ☑ DONE — Allergies — Install air filter over A/C vent into my bedroom.
    ☑ DONE — Allergies — Buy Austin Healthmate Jr. air filter machine or my bedroom.
    ☑ DONE — Buy new mattress and box springs
    ☑ DONE — Try to find charity to give old bed to… Fail.  My old mattress wasn’t worth anything.
    ☑ DONE — Live with bed in hallway for days until (1) dumpster is completely empty and (2) I can sneak the bed into the dumpster with no one seeing me.  Against the complex rules to throw furniture into dumpster.
    ☑ DONE — Allergies — Buy anti-allergy liner on my bed.
    ☑ DONE — Buy new pillows
    DONE — Read article on how inclined bed helps with a multitude of things including sleep apnea .
    ☑ DONE — Find risers online, locate set in DFW area.
    ☑ DONE — Buy and install risers.  Bed is now inclined.
  • Get back on Jenny Craig. (bang for the buck)
    ☑ DONE — Have a new “Before” photo taken at Jenny Craig Center.  I now weigh more than I did when I first joined Jenny Craig.
    ☑ DONE
    — Made a Jenny Craig Appointment
    ☑ DONE — Went by the Jenny Craig Center, got weighed in for a new “week one
    ☑ DONE — Bought a full week of Jenny Craig Food for a new “week one”
  • Reduce Stress (MOVED FROM GROUP B TO GROUP A on 12/16/2011) This topic is so huge that it would require a whole book in and of itself.  But for now here are some highlights:
    ☑ DONE — Identify the biggest stress inducing factor in my life: my fitness level.
  • ☑ DONE — Until told otherwise by my doctor, continue taking my daily dose of high blood pressure medication (create momentum and bang for the buck)

Group B

Things that will move me toward my goal but which can be done at any point.

  • ..

Group C

Things which I’d *like* to do and which would be great, but which are not necessarily a critical step on the way to meeting my goal of getting fit and healthy.

  • ..

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