Help me succeed on my
Journey to Health & Fitness!

— by doing a little shopping

shopping-online-happy-coupleOn all of these sites, when you shop, you send a royalty and/or a referral credit in my direction which helps me…

.— buy healthy nutritious food,
.— pay for dance lessons,
.— pay the bills…

…and generally keep a roof over my head while I transform myself into a fit & healthy dancer, writer, graphic designer, and dance instructor!..

Do you already shop at Amazon or Zazzle?

shop onlineIf you do, then you help me by saving these links to your Bookmarks or Favorites!




After you save these two links to your links / bookmarks toolbar, you will be able to make a jump to Amazon or Zazzle at the click of a button.

By clicking on the toolbar button, anything that you decide to buy on Amazon or Zazzle will generate a commission / referral credit for me.

Doing this will not cost you anything at all! 

  • It does NOT add any cost to your purchase — not a single penny
  • You get the same price you would otherwise get, HOWEVER doing it this way helps me out a lot. — or it would if folks actually did it.  *sigh*
    • So far, nobody has actually done it, at least that  I know about…
    • (Let me know if you do this… I’d like to say thanks. Either contact me or leave a comment down below)..

Technical info…

  • Simply Dragging and Dropping the link onto your bookmark / favorites toolbar will work in most web browsers and platforms.
  • The links toolbar may not be visible in all setups and in most browsers, you can enable it in the View->Toolbars menu of your web browser.
  • You can also add it in your bookmarks or favorites instead of the links toolbar.

TxCowboyDancer Designs

Fun and Fancy designs from a slightly warped mind

TxCowboyDancer Designs Logo with shadow ©2012Featuring “designs by moi”
and my favorite designs from other designers on


.— for Dancers and those who love them
.— for Coffee lovers and those who put up with them
.— for Book lovers
.— for GLBT folks and the folks who love them.  Show your PRIDE!
.— for Cat lovers – real cats and the LOL-cat kind!
.— for folks into the Zen thing, the Tao of it all, the yin and the yang
.. . . and Oodles More! a.k.a. “Designs from the Atticof Tony’s mind…
.— designs included for no other reason than I think they are cool!


My Online Garage Sale

Stuff that I’m trying to get rid of ’cause I need the cash and ’cause I don’t need the clutter

Check out my "Online" Garage SaleThe link will take you to my Pinterest “Garage sale” board.

I have all the weird stuff you’d find at a garage sale.  Each photo of the item will take you to either ebay or amazon.  Some items are listed at both.  I have:

— books, music, movies
— what-nots and brick-a-brack
— electronics
— fitness gear
— dance stuff
— and oodles more.  Check it out!


Other Ways that you can Help…

Make a donation via PayPal

I promise, I’ll use it for health related gear, to pay for my monthly gym membership, and/or to buy healthier foods.  No fast food, no trips to the corner bar…  🙂

Buy something for me off of my Amazon Wish List: Stuff Tony Needs

This list is arranged in priority order.  Some of the items on the list are under $10.  Check it out.

Click on the “share” buttons on this page, one of my posts that you think is cool, or jump to my Design Store and share that site with your friends…

Sharing this page or one of your posts doesn’t cost you anything but the more people who know about my Journey the better.  🙂

See ya on the dance floor!



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