Curious about Line Dance Competition?

Curious about Line Dance Competition?

Everybody should line dance

— Especially ProAm Students and “Couples”

Line dancing is fun, of course!

But did you know that the skills that you practice while line dancing cycle back into your partner dancing?!?!  Yes they do!

Line dancing, simplifies things because it is just YOU, dancing without a partner.  It allows you to concentrate on the basics!

Shhhhhh!!! it is a secret weapon!

You’ll will…

  • …increase control over your spins,
  • …learn to control your momentum,
  • …improve your sense of timing,
  • …increase your ability to memorize choreography,
  • …improve your sense of balance,
  • …improve your showmanship,
  • and much much more!

Do you already compete in IAGLCWDC, WDSF, ACDA, UCWDC, or any others that I may have missed?  Swing? Ballroom? Country? It doesn’t matter.  If you are a competitive dancer then you should also be competing in line!!!!  Maximize the bang for your buck!
You are already at the event, having paid for travel and hotel and registration!  Why not go ahead and enter line dancing!!!!  Woot!

If you are a social line dancer who wants to take it to the next level?  Then hey, bring it on! 🙂

What are you waiting for?

This is WIN WIN WIN!!!  Act now and take advantage of this way cool super amazing offer!

No, you do not have to be local!

IF you are in a distant part of the world from me we can do the lesson via Skype and I’ll send you a video of the “line dance teach.”




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