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My Love-Hate Relationship With Caffeine

Love Hate Gloves (CC)No!  Don’t!  Stop!

“No, don’t stop!”

Now getcher mind outta tha gutter!  I’m talking about “caffeine,” not whatever kinky thing that was flitting through your mind!  😉

Caffeine how I love thee!  Thou nectar of the gods that allows me to survive the morning!

Caffeine how I hate thee!  Thou foul tempter that leadeth my body from the righteous path of healthy living!

My last post was a general information article about caffeine with my usual bit of comedy thrown in for good measure.  Of course what other people refer to as “comedy” I like to call “my life.”  🙂  After describing a typical day in my love/hate relationship with caffeine I arrived at the conclusion that I should definitely lower my intake of caffeine.

Why you ask, dear reader?  Good question.  Let me count the ways:

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