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What You Need to Know About Caffeine…

…using a case study of one…Moi!

Flu Bug with the Morning Coffee (CC)You’d better brace yourself dear readers, I’m about to talk about me in the mornings….

Be afraid, be very afraid….  😉

Actually, I’m going to talk about caffeine using myself as a pitiful, sad example of addiction.

Alas, it is true.  I’m as shackled to coffee and diet coke as my Inner Domestic Diva is addicted to her tiara and bon-bons.

Sad, Sad, Sad…  Sad I tell you….

Well, I’m going to try to make another attempt at knocking that monkey off my back.  I did it once just before I lost my job.  I  can do it again!  I shall overcome!  I shall rise above!  I shall triumph!  I shall persevere.

As soon as I finish my coffee.


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My Love-Hate Relationship With Caffeine

Love Hate Gloves (CC)No!  Don’t!  Stop!

“No, don’t stop!”

Now getcher mind outta tha gutter!  I’m talking about “caffeine,” not whatever kinky thing that was flitting through your mind!  😉

Caffeine how I love thee!  Thou nectar of the gods that allows me to survive the morning!

Caffeine how I hate thee!  Thou foul tempter that leadeth my body from the righteous path of healthy living!

My last post was a general information article about caffeine with my usual bit of comedy thrown in for good measure.  Of course what other people refer to as “comedy” I like to call “my life.”  🙂  After describing a typical day in my love/hate relationship with caffeine I arrived at the conclusion that I should definitely lower my intake of caffeine.

Why you ask, dear reader?  Good question.  Let me count the ways:

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My Inner Domestic Diva has been dusting and…

The article “Caffeine, Straight Up!  Confessions of a Java Junkie

       …has moved to Squidoo

Those folks who read my blog on an ongoing basis know that I

And if you DO read all that you’ll understand why I moved the article which was originally in this location to Squidoo, where hopefully it will make me some money.  Squidoo understandably has a policy against having an article in two places out on the internet.

Whew!  Get all that?

So, if you want to read the article, just hop on over to Squdoo where you can read the whole thing:

Caffeine, Straight Up!  Confessions of a Java Junkie

No, I'm not a morning person.  Why do you ask? ©2012Here is an excerpt of the article:

Here is how a typical day of caffeine consumption goes for me right now.  Alarm goes off.  Hit snooze.  Alarm goes off.  Hit snooze.  Alarm goes off.  Hit the OFF button!  Sleep another hour and a half.  Wake up, that is if you can call a “zombie like state of consciousness” “waking up.”  Waddle to the kitchen.  Start coffee.

Visit the loo (I’ve always wanted to use the word “loo” in a sentence).  Go back to coffee pot.  Thank the gods for the existence of the coffee bean and praise the name of the unknown person who invented that little stopper thingie that keeps the still-brewing-coffee from pouring out of the basket where the grounds are located  onto the hot plate of the coffee pot because I’ve pulled the pot out from the coffee maker and poured my first cup before the brewing is done.

After consuming that delicious, amazing, nectar of the gods disguised as a mere cup of coffee,

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See ya on the dance floor!

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