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Update on my arm…

I am so over this!!!!!

Xray of mywrist after surgery

It has been six days since my surgery.  I go back to my doctor’s office today for my first follow up.  So I should have some indication as to when I will be functional again.

Check out my x-ray. There is a huge hunk of metal in my arm.  No wonder it hurts!

I’ve been pretty much confined to my room since the accident.  I can’t drive because I’m on some very strong narcotic pain medication and because my truck has a stick shift.  It is pretty much impossible to drive a standard with a broken right wrist.

So I’m pretty much dependent on my roommate for transportation.

Life on Drugs

To give you of an idea of what life on drugs and in pain is like for your ever so humble cowboy dancer and blogger, here is what I posted on my Facebook wall this morning which will give you an idea of the state om my brain when sleep deprived, in pain, and up way too early while still working on my first cup of coffee.  It is quite amusing if I do say so myself.  LOL Read the rest of this entry

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