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Coffee Kitty is NOT a Morning Cat… Uhmmm… Person

Given how sleep deprived I am this morning…

Coffee Kitty is NOT a Morning Person

c2013 TxCowboyDancer Designs

…this design is somehow very appropriate.

Since this is only the second in this new series, here is a reminder about the format.  Each post will have three parts:

  1. A large image of the new design (like the one to the right)
  2. A bit of background on how the design came about (just below)
  3. A few of my favorite products with the new design (just below that)

I hope you are enjoying the “back story” on the designs as I create them.

Even if you don’t visit the store and do some shopping, please hit the share and like buttons so that others can find out about my designs.  Thanks!

Background on my latest design:

I don’t remember where I first saw this cat.  I think it was either on Facebook or maybe it popped up in a Google search.  I’ve slept since then…  😉

Following the trail back to the source of the image lead me to a website called Deviant Art;  a site I had never visited before.  Wow, talk about a different part of the Interwebz!  LOL

I Need Coffee Original sketch by (by YTCyberPunk)

This was the image that I first saw… I Need Coffee Original sketch by (by YTCyberPunk)

If you’ve never heard of Deviant Art, check it out.  It is a lot of fun, but a lot of, well, deviant, in a good “artistic” way.  Basically it is a place for artists and photographers to hang out and share their work, comment and critique, and take a peek at what other artists and photographers are doing.

Some of the work on the site is jaw dropping amazing.  Some of it is amusing.  Some of it, quite frankly, is awful.  Not awful in the sense of lack of inspiration or effort but in execution—sorta baby works by artists who still have “training wheels” on their paint brushes or mouses.  Mice?  Miceses?

Whatever you call more than one computer mouse.  But hey, art is in the eye of the beholder, and all of it is fun.  Think “coffee house” in Soho with local artists works on the wall, and you get the idea… only without the coffee and it is on the Internet instead of in New York… but anyhoo…

Hmmm… coffee must be on my brain this morning…  Slllllluuuuuurrrrrrrrpppppp….  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh….

You know you are truly hooked when you are only a third of the way through your first cup of coffee and there is NO WAY the caffeine  can actually be hitting your system yet, but your body reacts physiologically to the mere promise of more caffeine hitting the blood stream soon. *SIGH*

I Need Coffee (by YTCyberPunk) Ink Version

I Need Coffee (by YTCyberPunk) Cleaned up Ink Version

But I digress..   I do that you know…

So… on the Deviant Art website, has a way for visitors to purchase a digital copy of the artwork for their personal non-commercial use like putting it on a computer desktop as the background.  Or printing it off and framing it and hanging it on the wall.

But I didn’t want the image for personal use.  I wanted to edit the design and I wanted to sell the design on products like t-shirts and coffee mugs.  So, having never done this before, I said “what the hey” and took a chance.  I emailed the artist and asked her if she’d consider selling me the commercial rights to her drawing, including the right to edit the drawing and add captions.

It turns out that the “drawing” was just a doodle she had done during class and that she’d never actually ever sold one of her works before and was very flattered that I liked her drawing.

Since we were both “babes in the woods” so to speak, we talked it through, making the contract up as we went.  We eventually agreed that she retain copyright on the original drawing and that I would have copyright on any modifications based on her drawing.

I sent her a payment and in exchange I got a cleaned up copy of the drawing from her and the commercial rights to print the modified versions on  t-shirts etc.  Coolness!  My first official bizness KNEE-go-she-Ayh-SHUN! Woot!

Storyline showing development of the design

Storyline showing development of the design as I edited it

When I got the cleaned up “pen and ink” version, I decided that actually liked the original “messy” pencil version better.

So working with both the original “messy” file and the ink “clean” version, I took a bit of this and a bit of that and did a lot of clean up and editing of the “messy” version.

I added color to it a little at a time.  I did some MORE clean up, adjusted proportions, shortened the height of the steam, and eventually after several hours of work with a graphics program…

Tah-Dah.  I had a design I liked and that was ready to go onto products.

My favorite version is the cream colored cat.  But I am playing around with the colors and will at some point in the future have a black and white version and a grey scale version as well.  Watch for those.  🙂

Or I might change the color of the coffee cup or I might use the ink version.  Who knows.  But I’ll have to have more coffee first.  LOL

I just LOVE the expression on this cat’s face.  Especially since it is so close and contrasts so nicely with the big “smiley” face on the mug!  Woot!

My favorite products with the new design…

I had a LOT of fun coming up with captions for the bumper stickers and mugs, etc for this design.  I’m a coffee drinker and NOT a morning person AT ALL so this is a topic near and dear to my caffeinated heart. Read the rest of this entry


Alas, my article has plateaued: “Books and Songs from the Rachel Maddow Show” is stuck in the mudd

Ok, I’m on my knees…

Books and Songs from the Rachel Maddow Show

One of the “fun” photos that are sprinkled throughout the article. This army major was one of Rachel’s escorts when she broadcast from Kandahar.

Getcher mind OUT of the gutter!  Not in that sense!  LOL

The article was going up and up and up.  But now has stalled and I need your help to get it going again.

There are almost 800 people following my posts, spread out among Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, and Feedburner.

All I need is each of you to follow the link to the article and let it load.

That would give me almost 800 hits on the lens.  That will take you about 10 seconds.

If you have 3 minutes to spare, I would love it if you could hit all the “like” and “share” buttons up at the top of the article after it loads.

If you have 5 minutes to spare, I would name my first born after you if you could scroll through the article and take all the polls and quizzes.

If you have 6 minutes to spare, I will dance naked in the rain in your honor, which since I live in Texas, and rain is generally accompanied by lightning and thunder and tornadoes, well…   nonetheless, when the guys in the white coats show up I’ll mention your name prominently.

Hmmmm… scratch that last bit.  LOL  Anyway, if you have six minutes to spare, then please leave a comment on the article in the Guestbook which is down at the bottom of the article

Here are the stats:


TRMS listing

Sample listing of the books and songs.  You can see that the article isn’t just a bibliography, there is info on the author, links to the band or author’s homepage or Wikipedia article and links to Amazon and iTunes if you decide you want to buy the book or song/album.

“Visits = the number of people to land on your lens.
Pageviews – the total number of times your lens has been viewed by visitors.

Visits this period: 235 visits
Pageviews this period: 390 pageviews
Pages/visit: 1.66   Lifetime visits: 235″

Note from lil ole me:  What this means is that of the 235 unique visitors, some of you folks have gone there more than once for a total of 390 visits!  Woot! 


Today’s Rank:

#18 — “Books, Poetry & Writing >> Books >> Reading Lists

#63 — “Books, Poetry & Writing >> Books

#99 — “Books, Poetry & Writing”

#4,536 — Overall (out of almost 3 million)

And this ranking is the result of only 390 visits from 235 people!  IMAGINE what the rank would be if I got almost 800 hits on the page today!  Swooon!  *pant*  *drool*

Here is a screen capture that shows how many folks have hit those like and share buttons.  The #141 count is for Facebook.  Which means the 235 folks who have gone to the page, 141 of them have hit at least one of the “like” buttons!   THANK YOU —  THANK YOU — THANK YOU!!!!

TMRS like buttons

Here is a graph from the “stats” area of the dashboard/management area for the article:

TRMS Chart

You can see that after steadily climbing in the ranks it has leveled off and now is basically flat.

So… there you have it.


Sample of one of the “Fun Fact” Trivia Quizzes sprinkled throughout the article

I now return you to your regularly scheduled workday or house chores or random Internet surfing.

This is going to be my last push for visitors.  I’ve done all the things that one should in trying to maximize SEO…  I’ve blogged about it.  I’ve posted on Blogger, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc.

I’ve gone to every Rachel Maddow Fan site and left messages and asked for cross linking.  The BIG spike in visits was the result of one of those fan sites Tweeting about my article.


But now that I’ve got all the books and songs listed back to Jan 1st it is time to put this article in maintenance mode, do the daily updates, and live with whatever level it comes to rest at.

But it sure would be nice to have a Tier 1 article (rank of 2,000 or less overall) because that is where the real money is *sigh*

We’re not talkin’ “Daddy Warbucks” yet, but… One can hope, and you can help! –> My Songs and Books From the Rachel Maddow Show is a Chart Rocket!

Books and Music from the Rachel Maddow ShowMy New Article Books and Songs from the Rachel Maddow Show is a “Chart Rocket”!!!!

Ok, folks, something really cool is going on — I have a chance at a real, honest to goodness, money-making article!  Woot!  Yeeeeeeeee haaawwwwwwww!!!!!!

Those who have followed my posts here know that a little over a year ago I lost my job as a librarian.  Since that time I have been trying to switch from “unemployed” to “self-employed” and one of the ways I’ve been doing that is to write online articles over at Squidoo.

They say in the “writing business” that you should write what you are passionate about.  For me that mainly means dance, which unfortunately is NOT just a huge “money making” topic for writing.

BUT…  I do like books as well.  And, I do like the Rachel Maddow Show. And I noticed something interesting the other day when I looked at the “Top 100” lenses at Squidoo….  TWO of the Top 15 “lenses” which is what Squidoo calls “articles” are about BOOKS!  Now there is something that I can write about which I also can be passionate about.

I was a librarian after all.  🙂

So, I created a new lens:  Books and Songs from the “Rachel Maddow Show” (Current Season) and I published it on Friday the 12th in the wee hours of the morning.  Since that time here is how it has ranked: Read the rest of this entry

Line Dance Coaching Special for Worlds Attendees!

I’m available to teach/coach at Worlds!

cat sleepy-visualizing my dance routines-with copyright watermark ©2012

©2012 TxCowboyDancer Designs

If you are a ProAm competitor or a Couples Competitor and have been thinking about doing line dance as well, then your timing is most excellent!

I am offering a special rate of $30 per hour to anyone attending UCWDC Worlds in Nashville.  I’ll be arriving on Dec 30th and will be there the whole week of Worlds through January 6th.

To see my complete list of coaching services check out my info page.

You can contact me by clicking the “contact button” up above which will take you to a short form which will send me an email.  I’m also on Twitter, Facebook, and Pintrest.  You can contact me through any of those as well.

Everybody should line dance!

Line dancing is fun!  But, if you need more reasons, let me share.  *grin*

Here are some reasons why you should add line dancing competition in addition to your ProAm or Couples competition. Read the rest of this entry

I’ve got a Virus! Hmm Viral Post! LOL

Dance Floor Etiquette

Dancers dancing at the Blackpool Ballroom (CC)

One of my articles on Squidoo, the one on “Dance Etiquette” is really doing awesome.

A big thanks to everyone who has hopped over and read it.  Keep reading!  Keep Sharing!  Keep Liking!  *SMOOCHES*

Here are the current stats:

  • Currently on Page 4 of Google when searching for “Dance Etiquette”
  • Squidoo Ranked #2,060 overall (out of almost 2 million pages)
  • #190 in Entertainment on Squidoo
  • #5 in Dance on Squidoo
  • #2 in Other Dance Topics on Squidoo.
  • 26 Squidlikes (likes by other Squidoo authors)
  • 106 Facebook Shares/Likes!!!!
  • 4 Tweets
  • 2 Pins on Pinterest
  • 1 Google+ Like/Share

Uh-huh, Uh-huh, Doin’ the happy dance!

Doin the circle in the air thingie!  Uh-huh Uh-huh

Big puppy dog eyes (CC)Ok, you may now resume your normal Internet Browsing…

after you head on over and share and like my article…


[imagine me looking at you with big puppy dog eyes]

See ya on the dance floor!


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