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Oklahoma Dance Rush…here I come! Woot!

Come join me at the Oklahoma Dance Rush

Oklahoma Dance RushI’m headed north of the Red River to the Oklahoma Dance Rush this weekend! Woot!
There are dozens of workshops!  and Competitions!  Woot
— I’m teaching two Line Dance Workshops:
—— “6, 8, 12 / choreographed by Daan Geelen” Fri – 4pm  — This is a UCWDC competition dance.  It is the “Newcomer Smooth”
—— “Sexy Night / Choreographed by Raymond Sarlemijn & Niels Poulsen — Sat 5pm
— AVAILABLE FOR PRIVATE LESSONS call me at 214.415.3819 or contact via Facebook to book a lesson. — I will not have internet access at the event so call me if you need me during the event.
— SPECIAL EVENT PRICE OF $15 “Intro to Line Dance Competition” 1 hour overview of getting started in Line Dance competitions. Book anytime from now til Sunday to get this special price. We can do the lesson after the event but you must book during the event to get this special price break.
special-intro offer - OK dance rush version
See ya on the dance floor!



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