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Setting Goals: You’ve Gotta Do the Math! Ugh!

Iz Thinkin Up Goalzzzzz © 2011Ok, first let me state without question that goals are a guideline, not the law.

Goals are more like the “Pirate Code” from the Disney movie “Pirates of the Caribbean” than the “Law” as handed down from the Supreme Court.

And, not to put too fine a point on it, laws change.   So should goals.

Setting Long Range Goals

I have this Excel spreadsheet where I track my daily weight and body fat percentage and compare it against my goals.  And when I started plugging in the goal numbers, I realized I was being unrealistic in my goals.  I had set my ultimate goal for 190 lbs.  But to achieve that without loosing any muscle mass I would have to have 7% Body Fat.  Given my age, that is not realistic.

My NEW adjusted goal is 194 lbs and 12% Body Fat.  However, pay attention dear readers, all six of you who are actually reading this blog, IF I don’t get to those numbers that’s ok.  As long as I feel healthy then that’s awesome!   As long as all the quantitative measurements like a smaller waistline, better flexibility, more energy, no high blood pressure, and better more restful sleep, all say I’m healthy, then who really gives a flip what the final number is.

However, having some specific goals does help keep you on track.  At least it does for me.  I like to think of it as a quick and handy “shorthand” that describes in two numbers how I’m progressing toward living healthy.  But if I end up 220 and 14% BF, so be it.  Because you can be healthy at every size. Read the rest of this entry

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