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TMI Tidbit #2: What happens in the bathroom, Stays in the bathroom. Usually.

Cat Hiding Face (CC)

I can’t bear to watch!

Everybody does it.

Everybody knows that everybody does it.

It’s part of being human.

We don’t talk about it though.

At least, not in polite company.

But when we are with our friends and there is beer involved, then, the truth comes out….

…we all dance in the bathroom!

If you just got this mental image of ball gowns, feather boas, rhinestones and bugle beads, that would be bathroom of the drag queen who lives across the courtyard from me.  She is a special case, as is her bathroom.   Nope–I’m talking about the rest us, with garden variety “basic” “average” bathrooms.  Although I must confess that my bathroom not quite “basic” nor  “average” as it is tastefully decorated with a lovely “cats and  books” theme done in browns, reds and rich wood tones.

Ahem.  But I digress.  😉

Back to dancing in the bathroom.

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TMI Tidbits – The Premiere Post

OMG! You're blogging about THAT? ©2012Welcome to the premiere post in what will be an ongoing, occasional, series.  I’m calling this category of posts:

“TMI Tidbits
as in
Too Much Information

Yes, dear readers, you are correct, you should, indeed, fasten your seat belts and brace yourself!  For I am going where other blogs fear to tread; all in the pursuit of science, and the accurate reporting of my own ever so humble journey to fitness and health.

Ranging from funny, through weird, all the way to “pushing the boundaries of the socially acceptable,”  you will experience it all, as the series continues.

So, without further ado, I offer, for your education, edification, elucidation, and entertainment this episode of…

…Tony’s TMI Tidbits

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