New Jenny Craig Tips and Tricks

Jenny Craig LogoOk, here’s a couple more tips and tricks that have helped me so far.

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Buy a Magnifying Glass

The Jenny Craig entrées are designed to be easily and quickly microwaved, part of the reason that I like the program so much.  But, being a single guy who does not like to cook or keep any cooking related information in his brain, I can NEVER remember how long a certain entrée needs to be stuck in the nuker before it is ready to eat.

So, I have to read the box.  Which, sadly, is a problem for guys like me who are now in their mid mumblemumble and fast approaching mumble.   😉

The Jenny Craig boxes are very pretty and attractive and they have this blue text on blue background which does enhance the attractiveness of the product but WHICH DOES NOTHING FOR THE READABILITY OF THE DIRECTIONS!!!!!!

In other words, the print is small and hard to read.  Yes, I know I could have just “said” that at the beginning of this paragraph, but where is the drama and fun in stating something simply?  Hmmm?

But I digress…  😉   I so do love digressing!  😉

Ahem… back to the tip:  I can never find my reading glasses when I need them.  And even if I do know where they are, they are usually in my bedroom and not in the kitchen where I need to read the small print on the entrée box.  *sigh*  So, I bought this small lighted reading magnifying glass and stuck to the side of the microwave with Velcro so I can grab it easily and use it to read the times off the back of the Jenny Craig entrée boxes.

Voilá!  Problem solved!  And the crowd goes wild!  *APPLAUSE*   Check out the photos down below to see the steps in setting up the whole thing:

Use Small Forks

Plate of food with small fork ©2012Fork sizesThis is actually a no-brainer.  Stay with me on this one.  Small forks mean less food on each trip between plate and mouth.  More trips mean that psychologically, your brain thinks it is getting more food. More bites = More Food.    Also, since it is taking you longer to actually get the food from plate to mouth, your body has time to realize it is getting fed and start sending out those “I’m full, I’m happy, stop eating” signals.  Cool huh?

See ya on the dance floor!

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