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How to Read a Line Dance Stepsheet

How to Read a Step Sheet - Part 1 of a 3 part seriesPart 1 of 3 — The Basics

A “step sheet” or “stepsheet” (both are correct) is basically a listing of the steps of a dance. In some parts of the world, these instructions are called “dance scripts.”

No matter what you call it, having step-by-step directions about where to put your feet, is a very good thing! In this article, I’ll show you the basics on how to read one of these wonderful tools.

Once you know the “secret” you’ll be able to use your new found skill to teach yourself just about any line dance on the planet.

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How to Read a Line Dance Step Sheet: Walls and ClocksPart 2 of 3 — “Walls” and “Clocks”

In the first article, we introduced you to the basic concepts you need to read a line dance step sheet for the beginner and ultra-beginner levels. That information should allow you to read stepsheets for dances which are straight forward and not too complex.

Now we are going to discuss two concepts which apply to higher level dances:.

(1) Walls
(2) Clock Positions

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How to Read a Line Dance Stepsheet: Tags and RestartsPart 3 of 3 — “Tags” and “Restarts”

In the first article we introduced you to the basic concepts you need to read a line dance step sheet for the beginner and ultra-beginner levels.

In the second article, we expanded the definition and concept of a “wall” and we covered how to determine directions on the line dance floor using clock positions as a frame of reference.

Now we are going to discuss:
     (1) Tags
     (2) Restarts

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Five Tips for the First Time Dance Competitor

Ballroom Dance Competitors Dancing in a ContestCongratulations! You’re already a winner!

I remember my first time competing. I have to confess, that I was very nervous which is really weird because I love being in front of people! That didn’t stop me from being nervous however. I still get nervous just before walking onto the dance floor for the first dance at every event. Truthfully, it feels like I gotta go to the little dancer’s room!

You laugh! But it’s true! And I’m not alone!

At my last competition, I was standing in line ready to go onto the floor for the first dance of the event; I was right behind this professional dancer who was in the same heat with his lady student and I overheard him say “I gotta go” with a wiggle and a stamp of his feet. The pro, to protect the very guilty, and because he’s a friend of mine, shall remain unnamed. I admit, I burst out laughing.

I said “You too?” He grinned this silly sheepish grin and replied that he always feels that way. He didn’t really need *ahem* “to go” and neither did I, but the nerves made it feel that way. So, I asked him, “You’ve been dancing for years now, you’re a ‘pro!’ Why do you still get nervous?” He laughed and said that no one ever stops getting nervous, they just learn to handle it better as time goes on.

So let me be the first to welcome you to the family of competitive dancers. To help you get to the point where you “handle it better” I’m offering five tips that…

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New Post: “Secret Hidden Previously Unknown Squidoo Tool Discovered by a Squidlet”

Using Squidoo’s Introduction, Contents and Discovery Tool

Squidoo Monster Newscaster Announces "Breaking News"

Shock and amazement flashed through the Squidoo Community today as a baby Squidlet uncovered a secret hidden panel that will *GASP*

grab your reader’s attention, increase your click-throughs, improve your rank, cross promote related lenses and AND restore a receding hairline!!!

Rumor has it that 99% of the Squidoo Community is now encamped on the beach outside Squidoo HQ and planning a picnic in celebration.”

Congress is scandalized and has ordered an investigation which will be held at the Ooh-La-La Resort in Hawaii near Waikiki and has ordered mandatory attendance for all 435 House members and 100 Senators.”

Follow up reports with video on the News Hour this evening at 10…” 

Ok, ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit here, but I did discover this cool tool which I thought I’d share…

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See ya on the dance floor!

Ways to Save Money on Jenny Craig Food

Jenny Craig (TM) Chips and SnacksThis may sound crazy but the way to save money when buying
Jenny Craig food is to….  [drum roll please] …

Don’t buy it!

Ta-Dah!  My work is done…

You may now resume your normally scheduled web surfing.

But wait, does my Inner Domestic Diva detect unrest among the teeming mass of six people reading this article?  Ok, ok, since you twisted my arm, I’ll elaborate.  🙂

Doesn’t take much to get me to elaborate does it?  😉

When I first started on Jenny Craig, I pretty much bought everything from the menu for the coming week.  I mean everything on the list.  When I got the total for the week, I was considering getting a second mortgage.  Which, let me tell you is serious business because I don’t even have a first mortgage!  Holy High Finance Batman!  Read the rest of this entry

New Jenny Craig Tips and Tricks to Help You Succeed

Whenever I post a new article over on my Squidoo pages, I’ll post an excerpt of it here on my blog with a link to the full article.  Enjoy!

New Jenny Craig Tips and Tricks

Jenny Craig Logo (TM)

“When I started out on Jenny Craig, I was the proverbial babe in the woods. Now that I’ve been on the program for a while I decided to share some of the things I learned that made the program successful for me…”

I invite you to hop over to the article “Jenny Craig: 5 Tips and Tricks to Help You Succeed ” on Squidoo and get the full list of tips and tricks.

And just for fun, here is my latest LOL Cat:

"ai calld jeny craig but den ai eeted her" ©2012

This design is available on my Zazzle Store. If you’d like to get this kitty on a mug or sticker or tee shirt, then hop on over.

I’ve only just started loading design there.  This one is one of the first.  So check back on a regular basis.


Headed to Houston for the Texas Classic

I’ll be in Houston teaching this weekend so no posts until early next week.  Have an awesome weekend.  If you want to see the workshop schedule click here.

See ya on the dance floor!

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