Babies, Line Dance Workshops and Headed to the Texas Classic

Texas Classic (TM)Only two days and some hours and I’ll be zipping off to the Texas Classic down in Houston.

Yee Haw!

This is going to be a very busy, very fun weekend full of dancing, workshops, competition and working in the video booth!

I’ll be competing in ProAm with my fabulous Pro Dancer, du jour, the wonderful Gretchen Smith, because my usual fabulous coach, the wonderful Natalja Sawal is uhmm… very round at the moment and about to be blessed with a visit from mister stork any day now.

The soon to arrive baby is a boy and his name is Christian.  All the folks, including moi, who know Natalja are very excited and can’t to welcome little  Christian.  So, not wishing to go onto the dance floor during Cha-Cha with two people and come off the floor with three, all concerned decided that it was wiser for me to find a different pro to dance with for this competition.  🙂

Line Dance Workshop Schedule

I’m teaching this weekend..  Woo Hoo!

I’m teaching  Foot Loose [Beginner, 32 count, 4 wall, country novelty] Choreographed by Levi J. Hubbard & Starla Rodgers

I’m also teaching a  BRAND NEW LINE DANCE!  — Without You [High Beginner/Low Intermediate, 32 count, 2 wall, night club two-step Music: Without You / Mariah Carey] Choreographed by Clive Stevens.   Fresh from the “Japan Country Dance Challenge,” this dance is so new that it isn’t on Kickit or on CopperKnob!   Be one of the very first to learn this wonderful beautiful dance.  I learned it at the Louisiana Country Dance Hayride and I love this dance!

Time          Dance / Level             Instructor
9:00 AM        Watch It Burn (Int.)        Judy Sides
10:00 AM     Foot Loose (High Beg)  Tony New
11:00 AM       Wanna Do (Int.)             Anita Williams
12:00 PM       Lunch Break
1:00 PM        Creepin' Up On You (Int.)   Judy Sides
2:00 PM        She's a Lady (Int.)         Barbara Albright
3:00 PM        Without You (Low Int.)        Tony New
4:00 PM        Hairspray (Int.)            Anita Williams
5:00 PM        Walking Away (Imp/Novice)   Judy Sides

I hope you’ll join me and the other great line dance instructors for some fun dances!

Other Workshops, And Being on Staff

I’m obviously on the Line Dance Instructor staff, but I’ll also be helping out with the video crew too!

There are two very interesting workshops lined up for Friday Morning.  EARLY Friday Morning.  I’ll be there for those, coffee in hand but I’ll be there.  They are

8 AM     Judge Certification CEU# 1
11 AM   Judge Certification CEU #2

Yes, I hope to get a judge’s certification eventually but for now, it is very helpful as a competitor to know what it is that the judges are being taught to look for when awarding scores to the competitors.  (sneaky aren’t I?) 😉


I’m competing in ProAm Male Intermediate.  Three Divisions: Crystal (over 30), Diamond (over 40) and *SIGH*, Silver (over 50).  Technically, I’m NOT over 50 yet!  Not until July 25th  (any avid fans, take note of the date…I have no problem accepting birthday presents from people I’ve never met… *wink*).  Nonetheless, I’m NOT 50. Yet.

But, the rules allow you compete in the division if you turn 50 by the time Worlds comes around.  Since that is in Jan, I’m good.  Well, old.  ER  Older!  I meant “older”    *SIGH*

I think I’ll have a “Build the Hill Higher” party to celebrate.  Moving on…

I’m also competing with my fabulous dance partner in Division II, Intermediate, Silver.  Yes, that “over 50” thing again–we do not wish to discuss.  My Inner Domestic Diva is currently sailing down “De Nile.”

And, yes, there is more.  LOL

And if my next two practices in the studio are productive, I’ll be competing in Advanced Line dance, dancing a single dance to get a qualifying  event on the way to Worlds.  I’ll be dancing the “Rise and Fall” – a waltz.


I’m tired already!

If there is any time left I may try to pick up a couple of workshops or schedule a private with a pro.

Available for Privates and/or Group Instruction

If you are a line dancer and you’d like to book a private with me to learn a line dance or if you and a group of friends want to learn a dance, or if you’re a competitive dancer and you want me to work with you, then don’t hesitate, click this “contact me” link and send me an email.  My rates are very reasonable.  Find out more about my Pro Services here on my Information Page

So there you have it friends, neighbors, and the four people reading down this far….  that is my plans for the weekend.

See ya on the dance floor!

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