This week: Review of “Stitches” and Teach of “Mucara Walk”

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Review of the dance I taught last week:

Last week the class had TONS of fun learning this awesome dance.  And I was so proud of my students.  We got the music up to 90% speed! Woot!  We’ll kick off this week’s lesson with a review of the dance and dance it to 95% then 100% speed music.

Followed by a teach of a new dance:

After the class folks hung around and was looking at videos on YouTube which lead to a discussion of dances… [drum roll please] …by popular demand from the students in the class I will be teaching “Mucara Walk.”

This is a classic dance that has been around a long time.  Normally I only teach the “classics” in months with five weeks HOWEVER…

…because the class was so excited by this dance we’ll do an extra “classic” teach this month!

Sssshhhh  it will be our secret!  Wait! What am I saying?  Secret?  No way!  No how!

Tell your friends!!!! — Tell everyone!

Because this is an Improver level / “High Beginner” dance, we may finish up learning this dance / reviewing this dance the following week, on May 24th.  — It depends on how fast folks pick it up.  Woot!  Stay tuned!


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