Q: How do you like your line dancing? A: Delicious! Hot! Strong! Sweet!

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Learn a Classic Popular Line Dance — DHSS!

A big shout out to the guys n gals at Big Apple for doing the demo!  Woot!

Lots of reasons to learn D.H.S.S.
– Delicious! Hot! Strong! Sweet!

  • It is FUN!
  • It’s been around for a while and is STILL popular
    • If you’ve wanted to learn this dance and haven’t had a chance then come on out.
    • If you go to dance events, this is one of the likely dances that you’ll hear played.
    • If you are going to IAGLCWDC Annual – the Columbus Reboot, you will definitely see this dance in the line up.
  • It is a Beginner level dance that contains basic footwork that will show up in other dances.
    • So, it is a good “practice” dance for new dancers to learn.
    • It is a good “practice” dance for more experienced dancers to hone and refine technique and attempt variations
  • The choreography can be used with lots of different music
    • Which means that if you’re at a club or a dance party and a good song comes on then you could use this choreography and get out on the floor and dance!

DHSS Info:

Dance: D.H.S.S. / choreographed by Gaye Teather

Level: Beginner, 32 count / 4 wall (no tags / no restarts)

Stepsheet & Videos: http://www.copperknob.co.uk/stepsheets/dhss-delicious-hot-strong–sweet-ID57513.aspx

Music: Originally choreographed to “Coffee / by Supersister” but DHSS can be danced to lots of other songs[follow the link to preview the music on Amazon for free or to purchase the song for 99 cents]

Note to folks who already know this dance:
— I’m going to teach Variations!

Applause KittyIf you already know this dance then…

Come on out and bring a friend who doesn’t know it!

Dancing is always better with a friend.

And…because I’m such an awesome guy, for anyone who already knows the dance,

I’ll teach some variations in the class on the 24th!!!  Woot!

For the “newbie” dancers, variations are alternate footwork.  But variations should only be attempted after you’ve dance the dance for a while.

See ya on the dance floor!


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