Forecast: Sunny with a 100% chance of Line Dancing!

Come out and learn “Do it in Heels”
this Tuesday, June 7th

This dance is BRAND NEW.  And I predict it is going to be VERY popular!  It has only been out for about a week…and it is already up to #43 in the “Top 100” on Copperknob.  Wow!

Here is a short two wall demo of the dance led by the choreographer:

Dance: Do It In Heels

Choreographer: Robert Holley

Info: 32 Count / 4 Wall / Beginner Level / 1 very easy tag on wall 5 (facing 12:00)

Music: Drunk in Heels / by Jennifer Nettles
…..(preview for free or purchase for only $1.29 on

Stepsheet on Copperknob:

Afeared of tha rain….?  I don’t THINK so!

sunny ahead dancing“Alas…tis sad but true…

[with hand to forehead, using my best “Southern’ Belle” accent]

…last week’s rains dampened mah spirits…I think I need a mint julip to fortee fye mahself!”

Folks, [in my best Texas drawl] I thought we were TEXANS!

Where in tarnation were all ya’ll last week?

Tha way I sees it…unless thar’s an AK-see-ul tornadee bearin’ down on us we keep on dancin’!  WooHoo!  Woot!  We aren’t afeared of no itty bitty rain drops!!!!

All kidding aside, a lot of you folks decided to head home after work instead of braving the rain, and that is perfectly understandable…

…but you missed out on a fun dance and a great time!  For the record…A big round of applause to the intrepid dancers who braved the rain and came on out to class.Bring-a-Friend

BUT…this coming week is gonna be SUNNY so, come on back!  We want to make the class a PARTY!  The more the merrier!  So…

…Come on out!  And bring a friend.  or Two! (and next time…don’t let a lil’ bit o’ watah from tha sky keep ya from dancin’!)

When and Where:

  • Line Dance at DanceMakers of TexasEvery Tuesday at 6pm!
    Next class is June 7th!
  • DanceMakers of Texas
    — 6201 Sunset Drive, Suite 630 Fort Worth, TX 76116 [Get Directions]
    — Studio ph: 817-244-8500
  • Save money by paying for the entire month:
    • $10 per class
      • $40 for a four week month
      • $50 for a five week month
    • Join the class at any time during the month and get the discount rate of $10 per class monthly rate by paying for the remaining weeks of the month. (e.g. – 3 weeks left = $30; 2 weeks left = $20)
  • Drop in rate for a single class is $15

Ready!  Set! Go!


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..Frequently Asked Questions about Tony’s Line Dance Classes


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Professional Dance Instructor teaching Country, Ballroom, Swing, Latin and Line Dance. Eleven time Country Dance World Champion.

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