Come learn “Can’t Stop Dancing (EZ)” – danced to a fun Justin Timberlake song!

Check out this awesome new song from Justin Timberlake

I really REALLY REALLY like the song from Justin Timberlake called “Can’t Stop the Feeling

I double dog dare ya to listen to this song and not tap your foot or “chair dance” or wiggle your booty, or bust some kind of move!

It is a fun upbeat bouncy bit of cotton candy awesomeness that just demands that you dance to it!  Woot

Check out the music video:

Want the song?  Get it here…

Ooodles and Ooodles of dances from which to choose…

I spotted the video for the song (up above) on my Facebook feed and thought it was awesome.  So, I hopped over to Copperknob and checked to see if anyone had created a line dance for it and… [drum roll please] …there are, as I type this TWENTY-TWO LINE DANCES FOR THIS SONG!!!  OH-EM-GEE!

About a dozen of those are in the Absolute Beginner through Improver range.  Of them, the one that I think is the best is one that is choreographed by a lady who lives locally here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, in Richardson, named Juliet Lam.

I chose her dance because (1) it was the best of the AB through Imp dances and (2) since she is local, if you should hear this song at a club or party and there are other line dancers there, this line dance is the one that is most likely that will be danced in the DFW area.

Here is a demo of the dance:

Dance: Can’t Stop Dancing (EZ)

Choreographer: Juliet Lam

Info: 32 Count / 4 Wall / Beginner Level

Music: Can’t Stop The Feeling! (Original Song From Dreamworks Animation “Trolls”)
…..(preview for free or purchase for only $1.29 on

Stepsheet on Copperknob:

When and Where:

  • Line Dance at DanceMakers of TexasEvery Tuesday at 6pm!
    Next class is June 21st!
    Last class for June is the 28th — Oldie but Goodie Week!

  • DanceMakers of Texas
    — 6201 Sunset Drive, Suite 630 Fort Worth, TX 76116 [Get Directions]
    — Studio ph: 817-244-8500
  • Save money by paying for the entire month:
    • $10 per class
      • $40 for a four week month
      • $50 for a five week month
    • Join the class at any time during the month and get the discount rate of $10 per class monthly rate by paying for the remaining weeks of the month. (e.g. – 3 weeks left = $30; 2 weeks left = $20)
  • Drop in rate for a single class is $15

Ready!  Set! Go!


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