This week: learn a line dance classic! “Hideaway Cha!”

Blast from the Past this Week: “Hideaway Cha”

One of the things as a line dancer that I find most frustrating is finding a place and time to learn the “oldie but goodie” dances.

You know the ones that I’m talking about?  Dances that are “classics” that all the other dancers seem to know but are never taught anywhere?

Well, I made a promise to myself that when I began teaching dance that periodically I would teach “older” dances.  That way, new folks would have a chance to learn them and dancers who have been around for a while would have a chance to re-learn them if they’ve gotten a bit rusty on one or two steps…

So… [drum roll please] I present to you this week’s dance:  Hideaway Cha!

Here is a demo of the dance:

Dance: Hideaway Cha

Choreographers: Joanne Brady, Jamie Marshall & Jo Thompson Szymanski

Info: 32 Count / 4 Wall / Easy “Low” Intermediate

Music: Dance With Me / by Debelah Morgan
…..(preview for free or purchase for only 99 cents on Amazon)

Stepsheet & Videos on Copperknob:

When and Where:

  • Line Dance at DanceMakers of TexasEvery Tuesday at 6pm!
    The next class, on June 28th, is Oldie but Goodie Week!
  • DanceMakers of Texas
    — 6201 Sunset Drive, Suite 630 Fort Worth, TX 76116 [Get Directions]
    — Studio ph: 817-244-8500
  • Save money by paying for the entire month:
    • $10 per class
      • $40 for a four week month
      • $50 for a five week month
    • Join the class at any time during the month and get the discount rate of $10 per class monthly rate by paying for the remaining weeks of the month. (e.g. – 3 weeks left = $30; 2 weeks left = $20)
  • Drop in rate for a single class is $15

Coming Attraction:

July “Sizzling Summer Special” from DanceMakers of Texas

Take as many classes as you want!!!!!

And “yes” that includes the LINE DANCE CLASS!  Woot!
— New Line Dance Class starts on July 5th!!! —

DanceMakers of Texas Summer Sizzling Special Offer

Check out the July Calendar of Classes at DanceMakers of Texas

Ready!  Set! Go!


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